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  1. Additionally, Oak Mountain State Park has almost 30 miles of outstanding mountain bike trails. The park has beginner trails all the way up through expert mountain bike trails. Oak Mountain has been designated an "Epic Ride" by the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA), and there are only 52 Epic Rides worldwide.
  2. Richard, I tried the fix that you posted, but I still get the same results. I can sign in from the home page, but not from the forum page. It's really not a big deal to me, I just saw the posting and thought I'd let someone know that I also had that same problem.
  3. Same with me. I can sign on from the FMCA home page without a problem, and then go to the forum page. However, if I go to the forum page first and try to sign on, I get the "Invalid token" error.
  4. A quick update. I called the Navistar Platinum Authorized Service Center in Florida and spoke to someone in parts. I was informed that they would have to look it up, and they would call me back that afternoon. When I did not receive a return call, I called the next day and gave them the same information and waited again. I never received a return call the second time, either. I suppose the "Platinum" part of the name simply means it is hard to get any help from them at all. I called the Navistar service center in Indiana and was told that the door was not available from Navistar, but he took my coach information and said he would call the vendor to see if they still offered it, and then call me back and let me know. He did exactly as he said and called me back to tell me the vendor did not sell the door by itself, but the entire unit (box, speakers, wiring, and door) could be purchased for $196. Expensive, but my only option at this point so I ordered it. It arrived quickly and was exactly what I needed. It was white, but I was able to find a color of spray paint at Ace hardware that matches my coach almost exactly. I put two coats of paint on it, wet sanded it, and then polished it with polishing compound and it now is on the coach and looks like a factory paint job. I just have to figure out a way to make sure I don't lose this one because it is exactly like the one that came on the coach, and the hinge design is a bit weak.
  5. Thanks NavyDad89, that is very close to what I have. I checked that website and they have two different Audiovox units that are within a half inch of mine. I also looked at Jensen and they also make a very similar unit, but it is an inch too small to fit the cutout. Additionally, I had not thought of contacting an RV body shop, but I guess they deal with this kind of problem all the time. That is a very good idea and I really appreciate your input.
  6. I could not find any markings of any kind on the face of it. There might be some thing on the back side, but I really do not want to take it out and break the factory seal. I guess I will, if I run out of options. I tried looking on the internet for the part, but my search is too vague to produce anything helpful. Even though Monaco no longer makes anything under the Safari name, the Safari Simba and the Monaco Monarch were the same coaches during those years so I am going to call Monaco on Monday. I am hoping they used this same exterior entertainment unit on the Monarch, but I really have no idea at this point. I tried to find a picture of a Monarch with this option on the internet, but was unsuccessful.
  7. Here is a picture of it. The door is open, but you get an idea of what the whole unit looks like. Anybody recognize it as a "standard-type" unit used by any other manufacturers? .
  8. Driving east through Arkansas yesterday, I battled very strong winds from the cold front moving through the south. I stopped for fuel somewhere out side of Memphis to discover the wind had made an unplanned modification to my 2008 Safari Simba 30SFS. The small, plastic door covering the outside radio and speakers was gone. It was just a small plastic door that I am guessing (and hoping) is part of a pre-fab unit a manufacturer buys and is a standard size that is available as a replacement part. The hinge was simple "molded fingers" on the bottom that snapped around a small rod attached to the unit still in the wall of the motorhome, and it had a keyed lock-cylinder near the top. The plastic door was the same color as the paint on my motorhome, but I would be happy with any color at this point, since the opening is currently covered with duct tape, to keep the rain out. This is my first motorhome, and my first experience with a replacement part, and Safari is no longer in business, so I am hoping someone has an idea where a replacement door could be found.
  9. Paul, You might also consider that having the bike rack on the toad, instead of the MH, gives you the option of transporting your bike(s) independent of the MH. That may or may not be of value to you, but it is a plus for me.
  10. gdroke

    Tire Pressure

    Simple enough, thank you.
  11. gdroke

    Tire Pressure

    I'm still a bit confused about tire pressures. Once you have determined the correct pressure for the tires and you are checking them with an accurate tire gauge, when should the tire be at that pressure? I know that sounds weird, but here is why I ask. I set the pressure when the tire is cold, before I leave in the morning, and then check them at every stop, Obviously, the pressure is higher after driving, due to heat. Am I supposed to let air out at that point to get them back to the correct pressure? If so, that could mean I am adding or removing air at every stop, due to temperature variances. Is that correct? Additionally, in the morning, when the coach is oriented north/south, with one side perpendicular to the sun rising in the east, the outside tire of the dual tire setup will have a higher pressure than the inside tire, because the inside tire has been shaded, and the outside tire is absorbing heat from direct sunlight. On top of that discrepancy, both dual tires on the east side of the coach will be at a slightly higher pressure than the 2 dual tires on the west side of the coach. Now I've got 3 different air pressures because of how the temperature has affected them. How do you possibly compensate for that condition? If I try to, won't they be wrong again almost immediately when I drive the coach and the "tire-flexing heat" brings the temperature of all of them up? I guess part of my problem is that my new, highly accurate tire guage is smarter than I am.
  12. I wired the new bulb into the housing for my Grand Cherokee, and that all works fine, As I see it, the only way to get the toad brake lights to stop working is to pull the fuse. I'd rather not do that, if I don't have to. It just seems like that would be an easy thing for me to forget when I unhook, and then I would be driving without brake lights and not know it. if I leave the fuse in, It will eventually run the toad battery down, but I have no frame of reference for how long I could tow before that would occur. I don't know if it a matter of hours or days or weeks. Anybody have any idea about the load on the battery doing this? Is a day of towing a negligible draw that is easily charged back up driving to the store at night, or is it a significant draw that jeopardizes the ability to start the car when I unhook? I understand a day of interstate driving and a day of city driving would be two different loads on the battery due to differences in brake usage, but I was hoping to get a general idea of how long anybody else feels like they can tow before drawing the toad battery down too far.
  13. I have seen several threads on different forums about this product and they usually follow the same theme. The people who have them, say they work well, and the people who don't have them say they don't. There are usually more against it than for it. You can search the forums and find these threads. I even read a posting on another forum from one of their "super users" who said that no serious RV'er would consider using them. It often seemed to me, that the threads would turn into a frenzy of people jumping on the bandwagon with little or no substance to their criticisms. I did not see any posts from anyone that actually had one, and had a bad experience with it. Again, they might be out there, but I did not see them. Here were the reasons given: They require maintenance. You cannot apply the toad brakes manually Surge brakes are a "less sophisticated" system They don't work well I don't like the idea of surge brakes I read the posts and thought about the negative reasons that were given, and I looked at the execution of the design of this particular surge brake, and I have decided to try it. I actually like the idea of less sophistication and relying on the laws of physics to trigger braking, instead of black box electronics. I'm certainly not telling anyone else to try it, I am just telling you what I read, and what I decided. I ordered it yesterday,
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