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  1. Mike, I owned a 2011 Monaco Knight 40 PBQ with the Maxxforce 10 350 HP and now own a 2015 DS 4018 with the Cummins ISL 450 so I can give you some comparisons. The Navistar motor requires no DEF, it has a EGR system to meet EPA emissions as opposed to the SCR system on the Cummins. Some folks have had some serious problems with this system in the Maxxforce engines but in the 3 years I owned one I never did. Getting one serviced can be a bit more challenging though. Yes there are lots of Navistar service centers out there, however very few will work on motor homes. The Cummins motors are a lot easier to get serviced or repaired in the MH's. The two MH's in my case had a weight difference of about 10k and a horsepower diff of 100 HP. However they would both pull a steep grade about the same. I would see about 45 MPH on the Siskiyou's between CA and OR on the 6% slopes pulling the same toad. However they have totally different acceleration profiles. The Cummins is much stronger from a stop, the Navistar vehicles just gain momentum, (slowly). The conventional wisdom about the Navistar motor was to drive it like you stole it. If you did that my coach would get somewhere between 8 and 9 MPG (downhill and with a tailwind maybe 10 mph) I have yet to break 7.5 with the ISL yet,(about 12000 miles so far) but it is a nicer driving powertrain. The Navistar had a 3 stage Jake brake but had a tendency to buck and snort just a bit. The Cummins system is much smoother. There were some software upgrades to the Navistar system that helped but did not provide as well as a behaved system. Those are the high notes feel free to PM me. By the way I have a spares kit for the Maxxforce.
  2. Andy, I was a professional pilot for 35 years and know all about the insanities of the regulations regardless of the country. I had a 2011 RR8R chassis. It came with the packed front wheel bearings. (It was a Knight) The owner’s manual called for repacking the bearings on a mileage basis (I can’t remember what, but it was a lot more miles than I would ever put on in reasonable period of time, or on an annual basis) this seemed excessive and was. The first few times I had it done they looked new and unused, both the grease and the bearings but because I had an extended service contract I complied with all of the maintenance intervals. The third time I had them converted to oil bath bearings so as not to have to bother with them again soon. It cost around 800 USD to have that done. Supposedly then they would only have to have the level’s checked and overall general inspection for leakage on an annual basis and oil changed with a more detailed inspection every 100k miles. Of course I sold the coach the next year…
  3. I also tow a 2008 Saturn Vue XR with the M&G brake system. I have a Roadmaster tow bar but that does not change anything. I shift the trans into neutral and make sure the key is in the accessory position to unlock the steering. There is a fuse that needs to be pulled, I do not remember which, if you look around in the pax side fuse box it is pretty easy to figure out, I installed a fused switch to disable it so you do not have to pull the fuse every time, just use the switch. Mileage does not accrue, and I have never had a dead battery even when I do an overnight and do not start the motor. I also use a dummy key, not the smart key anti-theft, and then you don’t have to worry about anyone breaking a window and driving off with your car. I use the key fob to lock the doors but do not press it twice so I do not set the alarm. So it will not go off while towing. Remember that Saturn recommends not towing it over 65 MPH.
  4. I have used the Sacramento Tuck Center in the past and have never had any problems. They are set up to handle RV’s. I use Speedco for the simple stuff.
  5. Your 2010 MH should have TV’s with multiple input modes. If the cable is hooked up properly use the TV’s remote to select the correct input. It should be TV as opposed to SAT or DVD. It will depend upon the manufacturer of the TV. If you do not have the manual you can probably find it online. I had problems until I discovered the difference in input modes between TV (cable) and on air TV (the blade antenna)
  6. Bradrm, We just got back from the OR coast last week. We live in Ripon, just north of Modesto. We have a 40’ DP with a toad. First a couple of local road warnings. Try to avoid Hwy. 99 between Manteca and Stockton, it is under widening construction and has lots of concrete barriers and narrow lanes currently. The 120 bypass south of Manteca over to I 5 is the way to go. There is also construction in Stockton on I 5 but there are 3 lanes open. I do not recommend Hwy 12 west through the delta. It is not very smooth or very level. Very rolling. It will shake your back teeth loose and rearrange every cabinet in your coach no matter how well packed. Hwy 20 from Williams over to 101 is nice but a little slow. You pass through many small towns around the lakes. There is a very nice RV park near Scotia on 101, The Ancient Redwoods RV Park. North from Klamath 101 is pretty twisty but doable, just not very fast. Once you get to OR it improves. Brookings has several nice parks. The Mill Casino in Coos Bay is very nice as is Winchester Bay. Pacific Shores in Newport is one of our favorites. Hwy 38 from Westport over to I 5 north of Roseburg is probably the nicest of the highways back to I 5. Heading south on I 5 check out Seven Feathers RV in Canyonville. The Blue Heron just across the border into CA in Hornbrook is a nice stop. JGW’s in Redding and The Durango in Red Bluff have very nice riverside sites. The grade over the Siskiyou’s just North of Yreka is probably the worst and of course it is under construction right now. It is down to one lane each way. So you only go as fast as the slowest truck in the line. Have a great trip, be prepared for some Oregon liquid sunshine this time of year.
  7. Well, I also have the same problem. I have a new 2011 Monaco Knight that is producing excessive brake dust, although it is pretty even on both sides. The coach had about 300 miles when we bought it and it now has 1200. There has not been any reduction in the dust yet. I mentioned it to the dealership maintenance supervisor. He said there had been some complaints over this but knew of no remedies or answers from Monaco.
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