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  1. Well i took your advise on our last trip and left the windows cracked and i still bought a small dehumidifier and put it in the bathroom which is in the middle of the coach and wallah!!!!!!! no moisture and the dehumidifier collected about a quart of water also Thanks for the help Mike & Christina
  2. This is Kasey our 1 1/2 year old lab .. She loves to travel in the rv and loves going to the ocean. She is 105 pound child LOL!!!!!!!!! She get really excited when she sees us loading up the coach Mike & Christina
  3. me my wife I used to have a class c when my wife and i would head out for a long trip i would always drive 55 to 58 mph inturn i could usually get 10.5 to 11 mpg and she would always say your driving like a GRANDPA LOL!!!!!!!!!!! So on one trip from a place we often travel to i went roughly 70 to 75 mph and only got 6.5 mpg . It just takes much more fuel to push a box through the wind and i am in no hurry to get where i am going so in my new class a ijust put it on cruise at 58 and say woman be quiet LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Just kidding about that : The best way is to just slow down and enjoy the ride and scenery Mike & Christina
  4. Thanks for the input i will try that next time we use our coach Mike & Christina
  5. I would like to know if a dehumidifier wouid help ... I have been loking at a small portable unit Thanks Mike
  6. mavric65@aol.com

    Fun Fun Fun

  7. I hope this works ... here is a pic of what I would like to know about.
  8. I also have roof covers and leave the vents open ... I only get the moisture at night when all four of us sleep at night If it is just my wife and i we dont really have a problem. In my manual that came with my coach it says its sealed very tightly and unlike in a home where moisture goes up through the celing that a motorhome is a small compact space and moisture doesnt escape easily i also use a dry air product with desecant beads which helps catch a lot of water.
  9. I would like to know if anyone has or is currently using a dehumidifier in their coach to help with moisture while camping or storing their coaches. I would like to get rid of the buildup of moisture on the windows that accumilates at night. Thanks. Mike and Christina
  10. I bought a 2008 Damon daybreak in august 08 and also had a few minor problems which were taken care of by the dealer .. My service guy informed me i have been very lucky compared to some and this is my second Damon i have owned.. My last was a great coach with minor problems....... Also he told me it is a EARTQUAKE on wheels and there are bound to be a problem now and then ....... We love our coach and use it frequently although we are not full timers by any means but usally go twice a month to get away from it all........... Mike & Christina
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