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  1. 1963-1993 USS Woodrow Wilson SSBN624 Comm. Crew USS James Monroe SSBN622 USS Thornback SS418 COMSUBFLOT SIX Staff NTC SDIEGO Recruiting
  2. Does anyone know of location of battery cut off, and switch for lights in both battery compartments which is connected to a light in the engine acess well. Had two new engine batteries installed. now those three light are on, had to take bulbs out to store unit. Is it ok to switch off the main 50 amp breakers while storing? Owners manuel says there is a battery disconnect switch, but not where it is. Appreciate any help, this is my first diesel, Cat C7, 300Hp, Fleetwood, Expedition, 38N.
  3. What about running the psi marked on the side of the tire? If load is less, should that pressure be reduced? When I got my coach it had 80lbs, side wall says 125. Which do I use? I can understand the confusion.
  4. Have a 2005 Fleetwood Expedition with double door fridge. Fridge and freezer get cold. Just getting ready for a trip and can't get the ice maker to make ice. Water and electric is supplied to controller, but not water in ice maker. Any suggestions?
  5. Will be out in New Mexico in October, returning to Ohio late October, early November. 2005 Fleewood, Extedition 38N (New to me). Will I have to arrange any special heat for the tanks, lines, etc.?
  6. I am a 31 year retired Navy who has been RVing for the past 6 years. Both my wife and I have concealed carry permits, both trained by experts. With the way our country is going, no jobs, increased taxes, etc. people are resorting to various things to get money and provide for their families or the drug of their choice. Have never needed to draw my gun, but when you read about cafe's being shot up and people killed, it makes you wonder, are two elder folks in a nice rv a better target? Get a gun, respect it, take more training than is necessary (or required) and feel a little safer when on the road.
  7. 31 years submarine service, retired in 93.
  8. I served over thirty years in the United States Navy, retiring in 1993, don't think Fonda deserves anything from this country, I believe what she did and then what our President Bill Clinton did while in office shows just how much respect they have for this country.
  9. If your upset with a $5 dump fee, you must really be beside yourself with the government. Everything we do on the road as RV'ers cost.
  10. If you think the 5510 is good, try the 7710 (much larger screen), works great in our RV. Same principal as 5510.
  11. Planning a trip from Ohio to Reno, NV for a reunion in May 2012. Anyone have any good camping sites with full hook up and pet friendly? Thanks
  12. RVing is NOT a programed sport. Everytime you go out you will learn something new. I served 31 years in the Navy Submarine Service and I love our class A, my wife took some getting use to it, she loves it now. We looked for over a year, found a 2003 - 33 foot Winnebago Adventurer, gas powered. Kept it four years, made a three month trip out to west coast and back to Ohio. Did not have a problem, performed well. Had a major power surge and burned up several things and while in for repairs came upon a 2005 - 38 foot Fleetwood, Expedition, Cat diesel with three sides. Had many of the extra's that we wanted with low miles. Good buy on Fleetwood, lost some on Winnebago, but new one is great. You will get what you pay for, just like in cars. Hmills3062
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