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  1. The one you want to drive. We have towed both, and Wrangler is not much of a car. Great off road, but not much for grocery shopping.
  2. We certainly agree with the recomendation of Paul Davis. We bought used from him, stayed on the lot in the coach for almost a week, and anything we found wrong was fixed on the spot. We rolled out with the coach, and have had no problems in 3 years. Batteries and tires do not count. Not a large dealer by any means, buys good coaches at a good price, and passes the savings to the customer.
  3. Our 97 Prevost is all electric, with Aqua Hot. Not having to watch the propane level is almost worth the extra batteries we carry. In a park, gotta love those never ending showers. We have owned 4 Winnebago products, and were always impressed with the logic behind the floor plans, and the factory is top notch for warranty service. And, you will have it in time for the big Winnebago rally in Forrest City!
  4. Congratulations! All that is needed is to drive it like you own it. Almost all new vehicles with Electronic Engine Controls take care of the break in for you. Even my Ford Ranger. The ECU limits rpm and power delivered until you arrive at the mileage that the builder set for full power enable. On a Mini Cooper it is about 1400 miles, the Ranger was around 2400 miles. Our Navion was already past that point when we bought it, due to delivery miles. Just get in the coach and enjoy it. It will seem a little down on power, and you will notice when the full power is enabled. Just drive it and enjoy it. We really enjoyed ours and it never had a flaw, unlike the 40' pusher we replaced it with. We drove ours Coast to Coast, and Border to Border, towing a Mini Cooper behind. Oh, and the 40' DP is gone also. We downgraded from an 08 DP to a 97 Prevost, and have never looked back.
  5. Quoted for wolfe, who may have missed this. I neither agree nor disagree with allowing towables. I am not in management, I can only decide if I want to renew my membership based on perceived value for my dues. If the organization wants to grow, management will have to allow towables to join.
  6. Interesting thread. I believe the future of FMCA will include towables, simply because that is what most people buy.
  7. Of course herman, otherwise I wouldn't post here. I am a lifetime member of Good Sam, and joined FMCA at the Phoenix rally. Do you know the definition of motor coach? One big point is that it must have a motor. I tried SKP for a year and did not see any added value over Good Sam, and it looks like FMCA is going to be the same.
  8. And yet all of you joined a group that excludes non motorized RVs. You all miss my point. It's not that people who tow are inherently evil and breed woman eating pit bulls in their compartments. If the rallies are open to everyone, but the organization bylaws restrict membership then either the membership restrictions should be dropped or the rallies should follow the bylaws. Simple as that.
  9. Thanks for the reply wolfe10. Looks like there is no advantage to joining FMCA vice Good Sam then. Cheers! Call me a snob if you want, but when I paid the dues for FMCA, I expected the organization to follow its own bylaws. Hubby and I were going to attend the Gillette rally but have now made other plans. I understand it is probably a financial decision but it hurts people who pay dues. We wanted to meet and associate with other people who have motorcoaches, there is very little commonality between a pull behind and a motorcoach.
  10. Saw this as a note on the Gillette rally and am a bit surprised. I thought FMCA was only open to motorized RVs. I guess my point is why invite people who are not eligible to join, and conversely, why attend a rally at an organization that does not want you as a member?
  11. Thanks Herman, but I think email is just fine. I prefer email over snail mail, it sometimes takes weeks for my snail mail to catch up. The incident I have in mind happened to me. Hubby and I recently joined FMCA and I sent out requests for more info to a few chapters. One chapter replied saying basically, why do you want info from us? I got the impression that they already have all the members they want. No problem if that is the case, but if it is a chapter that welcomes new members, someone may want to reword the information reply email.
  12. As an addendum, if someone requests information about your chapter, a rude or indifferent email reply will repel boarders too.
  13. Hubby and I lived in the Seattle area for a few years, where we had a constant battle with mold. What worked for us, put a bleach/water solution in a spray bottle and soak the mold. Use the strongest solution you can handle, I sometimes used straight bleach if the mold was stubborn. After you kill the mold, a good airing should get rid of the smell.
  14. Have not seen the show, but my thoughts: Why go with a Winnebago? I agree, better choices are available. The Styrofoam structure of the Brave would allow the zombies much easier access to the tasty brains inside. I think I would choose something with a metal body, like a Prevost or even better, a skoolie. The Skoolie is the better choice imo because of higher ground clearance, I doubt the zombie road crews are repairing the roads for the low clearance Prevost to travel. Also, hubby pointed out, there are lots of windows in the skoolie to use when shooting zombies.
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