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  1. This past month I had to replace my 6-6v batteries for my golf cart at my local supplier, Battery Warehouse, in Milledgeville GA at a price of $86/each and later the 2 starting 12v for $84. All were Crown brand batteries. My next purchase will eventually be for my 6-6v for my 2009 Motorhome house batteries. I have a battery watering system on all making sure they are kept full of distilled water. I've checked most places on price and quality, I believe I've made a good choice. I removed and replaced them all. Battery Warehouse will remove and install for $6/ea.
  2. Okay, I've thought about the Subaru as a tow vehicle but I've towed a Honda Oddesy 2006 for many miles behind our Motorhome. With 195000 miles on the odometer and four sets of tires, it's been a good car like the two Honda CRV's we've used. I know they aren't supposed to be towed four wheels down. And when asked why, Honda stated they hadn't tested this vehicle. Vehicle manufacturing folks apparently don't care about their products rolling behind a Motorhome, especially where corporate lives in a different country where they don't see any benefit to their bottom line and probably never observed a 40' motorhome much less a towed vehicle behind it. I thought about taking this vehicle over to Lincoln AL where Oddesy vans are assembled and have a placard on the van "Unofficial test vehicle" with mileage towed behind a Motorhome ?? Follow the same direction for CRVs for towing. Of course now CRVs have CVT transmission and they say you can't tow, but go over to Ford and you can tow their CVT vehicles. Yes it doesn't make sense to me either!!!
  3. Had a problem on an older coach and found the vent tube on fuel tank was closed shut from the factory. When I opened the fuel fill cap there was the sound of suction. Hose from top of fuel tank had a tie wrap to close this vent. Solution-- cut the hose no more problem.
  4. Was stopped twice once at Hoover dam(before the new bridge) by Customs had to open all bays another officer inspected the inside. Every vehicle was stopped and inspected. The other time was in New Mexico-that's in the USA for those in Atlanta who sold tickets to the Olympic Games in 1996- every vehicle was stopped going east. We were asked if we were alone and perhaps not carrying Mexican Nationals-the Border Patrol seemed satisfied with our answers and we continued on. Gary
  5. Garyr

    Wheel Cut Degrees

    I've had both 25-30 degree wheel cut and the new Freightliner chassis with 55-60 degree cut I much prefer the new chassis. I can't turn on a dime but when you are getting into a tight RV site there are not the back and forward several times like the old chassis. Turning corners are now much easier now. Gary
  6. Garyr

    Change Your Own Oil

    I have changed the oil and filters on several vehicles including motorhomes, but now travel over to a quick change place called Speedco. They are quick if they have a lane open. They may not have all the filters but they can do a complete service for a reasonable price. Gary
  7. My 2006 Honda Odyssey has 115000 miles and has been towed 4 wheels down many of those miles. Prior to this van I had C-RVs as my tow vehicle. I've always followed the procedure outlined by Honda in the manual. If you ask around of honda owners you will find they have no problem. You have to follow the procedure towing Hondas. My next towed will be the same make. The only problem I've had was the steering pump. 2 months ago I received a letter from Honda regarding the 2006 Odyssey, they said that they were extending the warranty on the steering pump to 100000 miles or 7 years. I called the local service manager and explained that my van had 114000 miles and he knew of the problems with the steering(hard to steer in parking lots). He got back to me the next day or two and said they were going to take care of me. I took the van in and Honda replaced the steering pump-now the car works like it did when it was purchased 2/28/06. Honda also paid for a steering fluid reservoir I had installed earlier in the year. Gary
  8. I had the battery problem on a Honda, I solved the problem by going online and purchasing a charge system that took about one hour. The system is called "Toad Charge" and cost about $100. Gary
  9. From what I've heard the only Honda that can not be towed is the Rigeline "truck" according to Remco the lube pump folks. Gary
  10. Friend of mine tows his behind his coach with no problems. Gary
  11. We have the SMI for the 2006 Honda Odyssey van. It is so simple to hookup. My diesel coach has the "Jake" brake also know as engine brake that is so much more powerful than the exhaust brake was on the previous diesel coach. Gary
  12. Had the same problem with my Odyssey van and replaced the battery then installed the "Toad Charge" myself and now no problems. Took about an hour to install. Gary
  13. Honda stated that they haven't tested other models when contacted. Gary
  14. I have the Honda Odyssey with 116,000 miles with no problems except the battery would run down. I installed the Toad Charge and now have no problems. I have the transmission serviced by Honda dealer and the fluid shows no signs of problems. We traveled 7600 miles this past summer and no problems. Guess that I'll tow my van to the assembly plant in Alabama to show that I've been testing their car since 2/28/2006. Yes I always place in gear like the C-RV's procedure outlined in that manual. I towed two C-RVs previous to the van. Gary
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