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  1. I have a 2016 Newmar Mountain Aire that came from the factory without any sound in our backup camera. Our 2012 had a microphone so I could hear my wife's voice when backing up. Is this normal? The dealer said they eliminated the sound due to the diesel engine being so loud.... Thoughts?
  2. We are looking at spending the winter in California and wondering if anyone had recommendations or comments. Looking at Chulla Vista Resort in San Diego for January and then to Golden Village Palms Resort in Hemet, CA. for February. Then up to Santa Clarita area in March. Any help appreciated!!
  3. Thank you for your reply. We are on the road headed home back to MI,will check further then.
  4. I called FMCA insurance number and got quotes from three companies Lowest cost was from Safeco. Anyone have any experience or thoughts? We are currently with Good Sam but never had a claim.
  5. Thanks for the input. any thoughts on brands of water softners?
  6. Anyone put a reverse osmosis system into their motorhome for the entire water system? What about this idea versus the water softener?
  7. There is a small pressure switch that may need adjusting with a small screwdriver. Normally in your basement below the slide.
  8. Thanks everyone for your help! We are looking at the months of February and March down south. We didn't realize that the RV parks in AZ would be reserved quite so early. Thought we would spend a week or so traveling back and forth and the bulk of the time in the Gold Canyon, AZ area. Weather will definitely be the determining factor when driving. Can't imagine trying to navigate snow and ice......
  9. We are going to go to Arizona from Michigan this winter, it will be our first time. We are looking for advice. Do we just head south, avoid the snow storms and worry about getting a campground as we travel down the road. We are thinking about 2 weeks getting there, then stay in a Park for a month, and then spend another two weeks coming back. Anyone have thoughts or advice? It would be very much appreciated.
  10. We have a residential refrigerator in our motor home and love it. However, one problem that we have had is the food won't stay on the shelves while going down the road. Does anyone make something to help us keep things from falling or worrying about opening the door once we arrive at our campground? The rods that we use to have for the gas/electric fridge aren't big enough, seems like someone would have designed something by now. Ideas??
  11. You might try spraying the jacks with a lubricant right before you try retracking them. The seals dry out from not being used and a little spray certainly seemed to help mine over the years.
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