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  1. Hello again, SeaJay. I hope you're doing okay, know it has been a difficult year. Here's your info. Captain Norris D. "Andy" Shane, USAF 1978-1988 Instructor Pilot, KC-135A 7AREFS, Carswell AFB, Texas Eldorado Canyon, 1986 (Small potatoes compared to TSgt Norris D. Shane, 1927-2007, 1943-1946 US Navy; 1947-1977 US Air Force, Normandy, 1944. His plaque is on the wall among thousands of veterans' at The National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg. My beloved Uncle Dave thought it was a big deal, me going to pilot training, flying; despite his persistent habit of getting busted in rank, I'd consider his career the stellar one. Still healthy and robust at 81, the undisputed heart throb of his retirement complex, he was unexpectedly felled by a heart attack.)
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    From the album: Andy & KayCee's Fleetwood Excursion

    Another lovely state park!
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    From the album: Andy & KayCee's Fleetwood Excursion

    Fleetwood decor is noteworthy, provides a lot of style for the dollar. This is a 2005 entry-level diesel pusher with 90,000 miles!
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    Stopping for Lunch

    From the album: Andy & KayCee's Fleetwood Excursion

    Returning from Santa Fe, NM.
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    East Texas Camping

    From the album: Andy & KayCee's Fleetwood Excursion

    The bus "at anchor" in East Texas.
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    Lake Tyler

    From the album: Andy & KayCee's Fleetwood Excursion

    Texas' array of state parks offer a wide selection of camping destinations.
  7. From the album: Andy & KayCee's Fleetwood Excursion

    Havana watches the road while KayCee catches a quick nap before her next driving shift.
  8. From the album: Andy & KayCee's Fleetwood Excursion

    Fredericksburg and the Texas Hill Country are must-see's for visitors to the Lone Star State. During March each year, this part of Texas explodes into color, courtesy of natural splendor and Lady Bird Johnson's Highway Beautification Act. Here, the girls enjoy Wildseed Farms, a sprawling showplace of nature's beauty near Fredericksburg.
  9. We've just wrapped up our first year in our first rig. It's been a learning experience, for sure! Some lessons learned that might help guide you: Experienced owners agree that gas is better suited to infrequent use, diesel is best for an RV that drives regularly A diesel pusher is quieter when driving because the engine is not up front, between the two seats Contrary to intuition, having the engine in the back makes for better stability, eg passing trucks generally don't sway diesel rigs, while some gassers will exit the lane when a large truck passes them Diesel reliability is enhanced by diligent filter changes Diesel engine longevity is much better than gas engines; but, maintenance on diesels, when it's needed, is more expensive In general terms, a gas engine is performing nearer to its rated capacity doing RV duty. In diesel pushers, the engine is often performing a fraction of the work it was engineered to do, eg long-haul trucking We have a 2005 Fleetwood Excursion 39S with 95,000 miles. It runs like a watch, travels down the highway as if on rails. We bought it from friends, who put 15,000 miles on the rig in a single long trip. Aside from vinyl-clad cabinet framework and Hehr windows that fog at the five-year point, I've found the craftsmanship to be on par with much more expensive rigs. The biggest layout shortcoming is a "pinch point" at the top of the entry steps. This rig has the Spartan MM chassis; both Spartan and Fleetwood reps have been helpful when needed. By the way, the friends who'd sold us this RV and upgraded to a Newell disliked their new bus so much they sold it and now own a 2003 Fleetwood Discovery. It's no secret that the market is in a slump, you should be able to purchase a good rig for close to wholesale throughout 2012. Best of luck!
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    XZE Vs. XRV Tires

    I'd love to hear from someone who switched from one to the other, on the same rig. At the large, poorly-managed forum, there has been lots of discussion about tire wear, heat*, inflation, general safety. For one, I've just put 7,000 miles on XZEs with good results, and a decent ride. It'd be interesting, to see the difference; with 5-year replacement** of my steering tires coming up next year, I'm tempted to try out a pair of XRVs based on this discussion. *Rather than depending on the stem temperature sensed by the TPMS, I use a cheap IR scanner to check tires each hourly stop. My goal is to limit tire temps to 120F. Experience has shown, strict adherance to the manufacturer's tables (avoid using sidewall values or the "sticker" pressure inside the rig) will produce 120F max on the hottest days. Without exception, a higher temperature has meant that the inflation had slipped below Michelin's charted minimum. ** My personal technique only. Given the critical role of the steering tires, I want to replace them before age can possibly be a factor. Manufacturer's guidance applies for tires on the duals.
  11. I too had a negative experience with GS, would strongly advise against them. Specifically, I had a $200 claim stemming from a split boot on my Spartan MM chassis; GS decided that was a gasket, refused coverage. Since I'd not placed another claim, I involved the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and petitioned GS for a refund of premiums paid, about nine months' worth. GS ignored both me and the BBB.
  12. I'm here from I RV Too after terminating my Senior Membership (647 posts and blog). 'Was looking to see if others had made the same discovery I had, this thread came up on Google. Looking across the FMCA threads, it seems to be free of hijacks/trollings, a problem that some members and even staff at the other forum perpetuate. Moderation is okay, and no moderation is alright. What I cannot stomach is selective moderation, which seemed to be taking a foothold there. Truly, there are some wonderful people inhabiting the forum; the staff simply needs to sort out some internal problems before it once again becomes a good place to talk RVs. For now, mostly lurking. I hope to contribute later, if appropriate.
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