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  1. Contacted HWH but recent storms shut them down until Monday. Also reading the owners manual alerted me to "DON'T PUT ANYTHING ON THE SHAFT BUT WATER AND A CLEAN WIPING CLOTH". I also found that they recommend operating the jacks at least once a month.
  2. I have an '04 Itasca Meridian with HWH jacks. They will retract when a load is on them but half way up they stop retracting. I can use a sort of lever to pry them up. Do I clean and lube the shaft? What do you recommend for a fix?
  3. In 2012 we bought a 2012 Ford Focus. Owners manual was clear that towing 4-down is OK. Follow the battery disconnect procedure. After a few tows of 300 mi.+ each we found that there was a smell like burning clutch plate. Complained to dealer. They researched for a while and found that we needed a computer upgrade. Did that under warrenty. Next several legs of towing everything seems OK.
  4. I purchased the Verison Jet-pack. It works great. I thought I needed to get a smart phone to make it a hot-spot. The clerk said use the Jet-pack to get internet anywhere you can get cell phone service. Our reason for this upgrade was that many campgrounds who say they have Wi-Fi either have a weak signal or you are parked where there are too many rigs between you and their tower. The Jet-pack is secure. You have your own password.
  5. When fueling with a high-flow nozzle at a truck stop I must hold the nozzle carefully or it will shut off. The nozzle will fit into the filler tube. It will take up to 10 minutes to fill 60 or 70 gallons. At the flying J I will use the small nozzle. I must position the nozzle carefully and set it only on the lowest notch or it will shut off. Is there a technique or a modification that will allow a quicker fueling?
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