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  1. Can the FMCA tech connect service be suspended when you are not on the road? Thanks
  2. I have always enjoyed Mark's articles. Usually lots of good information. The article in the latest issue about toad lighting is horrible. Almost like a Reader's Digest condensed story. He bashed using a separate bulb . No mention of problems with newer vehicles and Multiplex or canbus systems. In most dinghy towing forums lighting is a major subject. I was disappointed. This subject needs more than a few pictures of some accessories. How about a primer on using Diodes. Maybe something about hooking up a MH to a Toad with separate brake/ turn signals. Maybe FMCA limited him to just a few paragraphs??? Moisheh
  3. I think he means the rad surge tank. Moisheh
  4. Goodyear has the worst record for refusing warranty. The infamous G670 tires are a good example. Gy refuses to accept any responsibility. Moisheh
  5. Today's home appliances are not like those of yesteryear. Some don't last more than 5 years. Lg is one of the worst. There are a lot of domestic makes that are better. Many of the high end mfrs. Use Whirlpool. Moisheh
  6. Most of the P 30's need a rear track bar before you do anything. Not very many shops know how to align the Chev's Henderson has their specs on line.
  7. Has anyone heard that FMCA may be dropping the Michelin program and going with Continental?? Or is that just another rumor??? Moisheh
  8. Anyone towing a 2016 Tacoma?? Thanks
  9. Removing or disabling the system is a bad idea. Will kill your warranty. The DEF system is normally trouble free. The rest of the emission system can be a problem. . I drove a class 8 truck this past summer that needed DEF. Like most truckers I used the DEF at the pumps. In 40,000 miles I had zero problems. If bad DEF at the pumps was a problem there would be 100's of thousands of disabled trucks!!!
  10. FMCA did horrible job of making sure that members could get GOOD road service. I have been with Coach Net since the 80's and FMCA always endorsed that service. Rightfully so as it is the best available. Do the people who make these decisions own and travel in MH's? They should know that for large MH's there are only 2 services that are decent. Coach Net and Mr Smiley Face! To contract with Allstate through KOA just does no make sense. I can see all the letters to FMCA complaining !!! It seems like FMCA is providing less programs of value every year. First it was the air evac service ( at no extra charge) and now it is probably the most important service to MH owners: Road Service. Moisheh
  11. Herman Mullins: It was in the administration of the previous almighty when the new EPA rules were mandated. Moisheh
  12. I would not bother doing that comparison. Just read some of the other forums and you will quickly discover that GoodYears are horrible tires ( G670). I too had a bad exp[experience with those tires. I would not put the GY's on a wheel barrow! BTW : If for some reason you do not want to buy Michelins there are many other excellent choices: Hancook, Toyo, Continental and more. My personal choice is the Michelin. Moisheh
  13. I just got off the phone with Costco and they are now selling Michelin 22.5 inch HD truck tires ( like the XZA2). Naturally they have to be ordered and they do NOT install. You would have to check with your local Coscto to see if they will order. The only difficulty would be transporting them to where you will have them installed. I wont post the price but if you have your own truck or can borrow one at no cost you can save over $33.00 a tire from the prices that some of the RV clubs are charging ( Monacoers International and FMCA). For those who do not belong to those clubs this a nice option. You will know the price up front.. Might not be worth the bother for 2 tires but if you need 6 or 8 that is a decent saving. Moisheh
  14. That insurance has some of the highest rates I have ever seen!!! Moisheh
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