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  1. On Our last trip after new Transmission we got 7.14 MPG an I was happy will try Iso Heat for next run only to Salem OR about 200 round trip, we run a 2004 workhorse with 98,500 now We will make the run to Gillette thru Jackson Hole lots of Climbs this June, See you all there
  2. I agree do not buy it is big commitment and they have lots of rules most you will like but two will drive you nuts.
  3. We stayed with a 32 ft Itasca with Dodge Dakota tow, friend is 40 CC with a crew cab one ton ford no problems for either and agree don't miss it If you have four wheel hire guide to take you in the canyon if not take the tour bus in great views from floor.
  4. Gray tank valve is sticky. What is a good lube to use and how much to take apart??
  5. Thats a shame!! Times are comming there should be a BOUNTY on LAWYERS. 75 cents maybe.
  6. Rosco

    More camping in Ohio

    re Campground membership I would not buy untill you have returned at least three time to a same campgroung Fam as Idon't find it conveint to move to the next one or be restricted on length of stay. Non member ships often have a lower monthly rate an have worked well for Us Rosco Junction City Or
  7. I also commited that sin this fall an have a Surban heater with Plastic plug Which started to leak. the fix is to remove after you han a new plug. If cap comes off an threads a still in the Heater. It needs to be cut out with Hacksaw blade; Cut in gently with presser to inside of plug; That way you will not damage the threads on outer edge if you go too deep; carfully pry on outer edge with screw drive then pull out with needle nose Pliers. Use plumbers dope to seal threads. THOSE INSTRUCTIONS COST $60.00 and four hours wait for rv tech! Flush with Clean Water has worked for Me
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