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  1. That really sucks !!! why cant new company be on regular site other than pushing folks to join Road side Rescue. Not really big reason to stay with association.
  2. We are planning a trip to Mn for the first time and looking for some help with nice locations too stay. The wife would like it to be on the water. Going the last part of July.
  3. We are thinking of taking Hwy 20 from Ontario to Bend. How is the road and grades? Will be pulling a toad. We are coming from Marysvale Ut and that looks about the best way but don't know.
  4. garym

    XZE Vs. XRV Tires

    Just replaced 6 XZE's with new ZXE's, tread after 7 yrs and 30,000 plus miles looks almost the same as the new ones. If I didn't know the age you'd think still on new side.
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