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  1. How do you edit your signature in the forums?
  2. What is this compared to the polymer products you apply yourself?
  3. I find reading the posts in forums such as this interesting. There are many, many factors in rating insurance premiums; the comparisons in the posts really aren’t logical. As far as the Progressive difference in price I would suggest that there is minimal difference between PRG Direct and PRG thru an agent. Just the information used in rating is different. 🙂
  4. Any claim would be settled on an ACV basis (NADA value would be a good indicator) UNLESS you have an Agreed Amount valuation clause. Then value you speak of is only to determine premium not a claim valuation. Most of threads I see are filled with misinformation common to the public..

    No 12V

    We had some rain tonight, sorely needed in corn country, and did not get a lot done. I followed the power from the battery to a power distribution box where 12.28V registered. There is coach shut off switch which is engaged while we have the issue. I have relays as opposed to solenoids and there are six. Diesel mechanic son told me on phone the relays perform the same function. He is going to walk me through checking the relays.

    No 12V

    Being the neophyte, I am assuming these will be in the engine compartment. Let me know if wrong. I will get that done late this afternoon and post results.

    No 12V

    Checked house battery at lunch. Nothing running, 12.30 volts.

    No 12V

    We are new to RVing (common thread there)... I have 2004 Four Winds Hurricane 32R. Almost all electric works when when on shoreline and generator with exception of satellite angle indicator. When working on the 12V no lights, gas for frig, gas for H2O heater. There was a mouse problem; wires between engine compartment and under dash (3 total) were repaired. No other mouse damage appears in that area. Any thoughts?
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