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  1. Surely there are enough non-airtight holes around to pass one through. Also they make a flat cable that will close on a window and still provide feed.
  2. Strange! I had two episodes with progressive and one was for $16,000 and not a bit of haggle. The second was when Hurricane Harvey totaled the RV. Progressive paid me what I paid for it and I had it for 10 years, so go figure. Why the difference between my claims and Ray's?
  3. So far the FMCA Assist has me renewing. Last year a friend from BC passed into our Lord's hands. He was in Niagara, CAN and his MH and spouse were in Niagara Falls, NY. FMCA transported her, the dog, and the MH back to BC. No cost to her. Not bad for $60 USD a year. The Canadian FMCA "IS" different, but it worked for her.
  4. That probably means another 6 months or more stall for you MH!
  5. I check this forum every day. First in the morning having coffee and then again before going to bed. I don't have a lot to say but if the occasion arises where I might be able to help someone I typically chime in.
  6. The air brake gauge seems low to me. My MH's always read 125 psi.
  7. My wife comes out and says, "Does this make me look fat?" I answer, "No, your fat makes you look fat! Did that once. On another light side: we are going out to a gala event. I get dressed and walk out. She says, "Your not going to were that are you?" I said, "What, and she replied, "That tie, it doesn't go with that shirt!" I said, "Ok, come pick one out for me." So, as you all know, men are dressed way before a woman gets ready. Many minutes later she comes out and says, "How do I look?" Now I'm the guy that can't dress himself and she's asking me that question. Y'all know what the ansear is: "You look great!" Sorry, off topic, just couldn't resist with a reply. As I stated, my wife gets up all the time to move around in the MH. Most likely that will not stop.
  8. Wow, My wife gets up all the time to use the bathroom. The wife in the video. was reported by the person ejected, as having fallen asleep.
  9. Does the hose just need tightening?
  10. After driving the pressure will most likely build up to over 110 PSI, but it is factored into the tire. The 110 is the max pressure when cold. When you have driven many miles it will be much more the 110 psi and when it sits for several hours it will go down to the cold inflated pressure. It's designed that way. For everything needed on tire safety, visit Rober Marble's Blog. You will find your answer there. I can say that I have read your specific situation but don't want to pass on info that might be wrong because it has been a long time. You can also contact Roger and ask that question.
  11. It might be the seal allowing air from outside to get to the coils.
  12. Lights: Oh, but it's cool. Yeah, right! A follow up video on that 18 wheeler shows he sheriff's department busting open that cab and dragging the guy out. That was a 3 hour chase and standoff for those that didn't watch it. Happy New Year everyone!
  13. Superbus, what model RV do you have?
  14. I-5 South would be a part time for me as we travel The 101 and take side trips to Big Sur. Wonderful scenery and cool if Summer time. Make sure you take a side trip to Ferndale, CA (It's off The 101) and then pick up Mattole Rd. The ride is is ove 60 miles zig zaggin (DON"T TRY TO TAKE THE RV) along some beautiful views and ocean and passes through the Humbolt Redwood State Park and comes back out on The 101 and about 25 miles from Ferndale. Very well worth the drive. That area is rich with scenery and historic items. Avenue Of The Giants is down the road, South a little ways more. You could spend a month there and not see all there is to see. Happy trails.
  15. We also try to use the US highways or other good looking roads. I use satellite view and street view the day or two before travel. Seldom use Interstate Highways if possible. Our GPS is set for RV so it tells if the route is not suitable for an RV (bridges, etc.)
  16. I have a Winnebago, what's your Mfg. I leave mine plugged in all the time. I have to leave the chassis and house switches in the ON position so the batteries will charge. In my case I leave the inverter on because I have some electronics that will notify me if 110v power is disrupted. I then make the 8 mile trip to see what the cause was and typically it's the poor GFCI they have on the pole. Just reset until next time. The power monitor is plugged into a non-inverter receptacle. The system I use to monitor is on MYSPOOL.COM. I just have the one to monitor power. Also, on the Winne it is best if the step is turned OFF. Leaving it on draws more current than the tric-l-charger can support. Happy trails...and that is just for my make and model. Check with your Mfg to see if switches need to be left on or turned off.
  17. I would like the .Stu file for those, please.
  18. Amazon has kwikee step parts. just type in kwikee step parts.
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