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  1. DB, He probably has mirrors on the ceiling also!😇
  2. In the MH, mine is centered at the bottom of the windshield. Transferred to the TOAD it is behind the rear view mirror.
  3. Bring it alive! For those who have dome antennas, DTV does not provide HD. Dish does. DTV does not have a local TV antenna, Dish does and it works well. Plug it into the USB port, scan for channels on the satellite receiver and voila, guide and all on the receiver. DTV can record 5 channels at a time. Dish, using the Hopper can record 16 at one time. When and if I call for support or to change my local channels to the zip code I'm in, I ask for technical support. I don't wish to speak with the guy sitting on an upsidedown 5 gallon bucket in the middle of a desert using a laptop or smaller device.
  4. Welcome Greg! We live in Texas City and leave for the Summer for cooler climates.
  5. Escapees, livingston TX Mail Forwarding
  6. Mike, I feel your loss. Need stronger punishment time in my opinion.
  7. I like going up thr Delaware Water Gap by picking up 209 to I-84. (222 and 33 come to mind out of the Lancaster area but it's been a few years). I'm sure you have a better handle on the area.
  8. Huh! Michael, it would be nice to know the year, make and model of your coach so a better understanding of the pronlem and netter solutions. Why did the 8k not work? Do you have an auto syart if the batteris drop below a set voltage?
  9. i personally would avoid 95. My way would be over to Altoona, 99N to 80E to 84E to 290 in MA to 495 and the 95 to thr coast of Maine. I95 along the Southern coast of NE can be a nightmare especially Boston.
  10. Wow Ray, nice looking ride.
  11. I lived in Central MA until i was 19, but it was an accident of birth!🤡
  12. That's a broad compartment pretty much covered up!!😀
  13. I got my extra pins at Tractor Supply. They have a multitude of towing accessories and parts.
  14. I have been using the same air line between MH and TOAD since 2008. When not in use I keep all towing parts in a plastic box. I have replaced the electrical light cord twice. Seems those contact like to act bad from time to time.
  15. I have had AF1 since 2008. First on a 2007 Saturn and then transferred it to the 2013 Lincoln. I have never had a problem with it.
  16. I have the King Jack and it is adequate. I also have DISH satellite and I can get the local channels wherever I go. Also, I have a Fire Stick TV 4k and I can get the typical TV channels with the Fire Stick, except CBS...they want a subscription. With that said, OTA signals are line of sight. They can be obstructed by any type of object. With Line of sight TV antenna height plays a very important part and my personal experience is "higher is better." If I didn't have all of the items I stated I would go with a push-up pole with a good quality TV antenna on it. The King Jack works well using the on-board amplifier system. The control is most definitely high on the ceiling but there is a sensitivity button that can indicate when a strong signal is present. Also, on the new smart TV's there is usually a "settings" that will show signal strenght for optimizing the antenna orientation. The same TV setting can be used for all TV signals. Yep, step stool is required for the reduced height people.
  17. DB, be careful when retired, you never know when you are finished. Some days I get up at noon, and sometimes I do it twice. And don't forget that after retirement it is called Happy Hour (NAP)
  18. Truckrouter.com also has options. You have to sign up but it is free. Also saw in Open Roads yesterday that all Love's Truck Stops will be giving a 28 cent discount.
  19. According to "Open Roads App," all Love's stations are now providing a 28 cent discount for TSD users.
  20. Go to google and search on your location, then put in your destination. Move the right pane out of the way. On the map side click on "More," In the search pane put in "diesel fuel." The map will populate with diesel fuel stations. You can use that procedure for truck stops, campgrounds, restaurants, etc. Others should be along with information on some APPS.
  21. C, Saw your post on other thread about satellite internet. We also have dish. I don't know what phone service you have but we recently upgraded to iPhone 12 with AT&T. We have their unlimited plan with hot spots on each phone. Cost for cell service and unlimited is about 140-150 a month depending if you get a discount or not. We have the Fire TV Stick 4 K and when it is hooked to the hot spot we can stream the same things any internet connectivity can stream. Also, for the Dish Wally we have the Dish WiFi adapter that can be purchased at Walmart plugged into the USB port. It is connected to the hot spot and we get Netflix on channel 302. There are other options out there and the above is what we use.
  22. MIne is also but most likely I don't have the tools.
  23. I want to park next to you. There are a few things I'd like done,🤡
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