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  1. They save money by batch processing. That is, they wait until a set time or # of receipts, then process everything.
  2. I can't imaging making $157 million over a 5 year period to be a quarterback (Seahawks). No wonder it costs so much to go to a football game. I personally see no reason to support them if they cannot support what has been our traditions for over 200 years.
  3. Aqua Hot runs off Diesel on my Winni. I'm also around 60,000 lbs GCWR and the 450 does fine. The propane is most likely a 5 gallon removable bottle. Did they give a capacity? It would be used for the quick connect for grills. They don't proved a propane hose but you can buy a 25 foot one real easy. The 2015 Winni, mine, was built in 2014. The 2015 lists all electric. I have a 3 burner gas range and a 28 gallo propane tank. Go figure. We have been operating for 2 years now and the tank still reads full.
  4. Wow, I just checked the PFJ prices on TSD and one was $0.52. Houston had $0.44. Way to go TSD.
  5. Deductible is going to be the same if you bypass or replace with OEM. I'd go with OEM.
  6. Yep, as long as the air lines fit the connections, or get a separate air line for AF1. Should be good to go. AF1 is a proportional system.
  7. I have seen rates going up quite a bit over the last few years. I guess it is supply and demand. There re a lot more RV's on the road since the upswing in the economy. Most of the USA CG's are very high, but on the other hand you can find places around here for $500-600 monthly, or even less, and many include all utilities.
  8. Regardless of the type of RV we have, we all have similar equipment and can learn from each other. I'm on a couple of forums, one being IRV2. Yep, had my problems, have see posts where I disagree entirely with what is being said but in most cases I "TRY" and refrain from answering in any many that would "set the poster off." I also learned a great deal from the MOC forum.
  9. This topic is discussed on another forum and unfortunately is taking the slope of not going to Corpus Christi because of it. In reality there were more homicides in Corpus in 2018 (9) than in 2019 (6), so far. Many are indicated that they will not go to the area because of the recent finding when in fact there are more homicides in many of the other places RV'ers stay at than in Corpus. There are other areas to RV in around there. As mentioned, Aransas Pass is good, Rockport is also good but one has to remember that anything can happen at anytime. Being in the right places at the right time is better than the wrong place at the wrong time. Things can happen. I'm not going to change my traveling just because something happens that has happened in the past.
  10. WA1RI de KE5QG, Agree, I don't see any more security risk with TSD than any other ACH recurring withdrawal. ACH is so nice when one travels. p.s., nice place on alabaster.
  11. That would have been a nice place to be this past weekend. It is right across from Ellington Field and the Air Show was going on. Those prices are high. There are many more RV Parks in the area that are lower than those prices. That is about 25 miles North of me.
  12. I would welcome the ability to travel in the RV and fish in any state with one license. Hope it happens.
  13. Wow! I was just going over the prices for the 29th and the Pilot prices are closer to the Love's price savings. Great work TSD.
  14. It's going to be a long night trying to get that picture out of my head!
  15. It's "Road Rage" in a parking lot/gas station.
  16. The information is on the web. Just search for: "continental tire pressure manual" without the quotes, or for whatever brand you wish to see info on. Continental If they don't list a tire pressure guide, click on the "Contact Us" and call or email them.
  17. I was a memer starting in 2008 and it was free then but to read the forum you had to be a member and log in, if I'm remembering correctly. No problem. Now it is an open forum. There is a lot of good information on Keystone products on that forum. I think I was on there as Wayne M.
  18. Many times the words posted do not represent the facial expressions of a "tongue-in-cheek" comment. For example, there was a thread on "a different forum" about a piece of equipment needed. I made the statement that I had one that was broken if they would like to buy it. I was admonished with a "private" warning about trying to sell something in other than the for sale section. Hey Joe S, I'm a MOC member, and still have those credentials. Every year or so I log in just to see if some old timers are around. I was an active member in 2007 with my 3400RL. Pulled it with an F350 King Ranch, Crew Cab, Long bed. Great 5'er.
  19. At 78 you'll feel it in minutes. Got back from our 5 month trip and had it detailed in the driveway. They use a canuba wax. It really looked good when they were done. I did see a few tree branch scratches and maybe the ceramic will take them out - we'll see. Tell us, were you able to do the motorhome with one bottle of spray?
  20. The Heidi Bowl I'd be upset also if I were a fan and since the NBC ruling of never to leave a game I now make sure I record the news after a game so I can catch all of my program recordings. Everything runs overtime.
  21. Maybe those that did not vote did not care one which way it went.
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