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  1. I just paid a couple of guys to take off the protective shield since it looked horrible with age. they used a steamer to loosen the plastic off the paint. They did a great job but not cheap. The front now looks great.
  2. Problem solved. I had my foggy windows repaired and the tech must have disconnected the wiring by accident or whatever. works fine now.
  3. Progressive offers full glass replacement
  4. Has anyone purchased a warranty from ACC Warranty Group. The owner says he sold his business but sounds more like he went bankrupt. Would like to know how bad my decision to purchase his warranty. Thanks hjt777
  5. I have a 2008 Newmar Essex and one of the temperature sensors is not working correctly. It shows a temperature of 35 degrees thereby preventing my middle a/c from not working I have checked the wiring best that I can but have not checked the fuses at this time. Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot the problem? Thanks. HJT777
  6. I own a 2008 Newmar Essex and my windshield began to leak. I had the same problem on a Trailblazer SUV. Went out and got a $5 epoxy tube and placed on the rubber seal at the top of the windshield and never leaked again.
  7. All RV's manufacturers list the tire pressure for each RV. Do not go by Michelin spec's because the coach may have different loads. Should be a placard on the side of the drivers area that states the proper tire pressure. Harry Santucci
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