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  1. Have a 2008 Damon Challenger Platinum 377 that I bought new. It has been a good coach except for the peeling leather on all the seats and couches. Now that I have replaced all of them we are happy with our coach. I keep it washed, never have waxed it and get many compliments on how good it looks. If you buy it I wish you safe travels and happy memories, enjoy life.
  2. I had jacks stuck down this summer, called Lippert, they walked me through getting them up with my electric drill. They also diagnosed a bad motor, new motor $8oo.I took the motor out and to a motor repair shop, found nothing wrong with motor, cost me $18. After living with no jacks for a month I traced the wiring, found the box with the sensors in the center of the coach in one of the compartments. Naturally it was a compartment that was cramped for a 72 year old to fit in. Took the connections apart and found a wire that had come loose, put the wire back in and all is fine. 2008 Damon Challenger. Took me several weeks to be able to stand straight again, getting old is not so easy.
  3. I do not use either bridge. Take 287 to 87 to 84, bypass Tappan Zee, may be a little longer but tolls are so much better, less than $10 on 87 and $10 to cross Beacon,Newburg Bridge on 84. Still have to go through CT which can be busy at times but not like 95. 84 to Sturbridge, MA then 90 east to 495N to 95N. One small toll on 90 then none till Portsmouth, NH on 95. Maine turnpike is toll but nice road for the northeast. If you are going north of Portland take 295, less tolls. We have been doing this for six years now in a 38 foot MH towing with a dolly. Have a fun trip.
  4. West Chester KOA is pretty close to Philadelphia
  5. Mine is in a cabinet above the driver seat in Damon Challenger.
  6. I take 695 W around the Baltimore tunnels, a little longer but no toll.
  7. We have a 38' 2008 Challenger by Thor, V10 engine. Purchased new and have had very minor issues which were resolved easily. I travel between 58 - 62 mph usually, mileage varies from 7.5 - 8.5 towing or not. I tow a 2012 Hyundai Elantra on a Master Tow dolly. Mileage definitely varies with terrain and speed, have learned to not be in a hurry and travel about 300 miles a day. Enjoy your coach and safe travels to you. One other thing, check your tire pressure regularly and when you need new tires the FMCA Michelin program is fantastic.
  8. I used TCI Tire on 50th St last Nov. They are a truck tire dealer and are very familiar with the FMCA program. The tires I bought were less than 1 month old by the date code. Excellent service, brought the coach in about noon and picked it up about 4pm.
  9. Have the same problem with my 2008 Challenger by Damon, another Thor product. Called Thor, they sent me replacement covers for the driver and passenger seats but will not do anything for the couch. Installation of the new material is at my expense. Have talked to other owners with the same problem and some furniture dealers at RV shows, they say Thor provided the original material to the furniture mfg. and there are many problems.
  10. Is there a bypass valve on the water heater that is still open?
  11. Have been a member of Passport America for several years. It has paid for itself many times over. You can go online and see a list of participating campgrounds. There are restrictions as to how long a stay at reduced rate and seasonal restrictions during busy times. Eg: snowbird season in the south.
  12. No TPMS. Have been traveling for four years in this coach loaded same way. Have weighed coach, not overloaded. Tires were six years old, had just been inspected, looked good. Was on way home to FL to get them replaced, didn't quite make it. When new ones were installed the remaining old ones still looked good. Feel much better with new ones though.
  13. I purchased 4 new 245/70/19.5 tires in Nov. The tire date code is late sept. 2013. The price listed is the price I paid for the tires plus mounting. Cost me just under $1900 which included taking the new rears off and moving them forward, all new metal stems too. An excellent program in my opinion. Early Sept. had both right real duals blow at the same time, paid $550 per tire for Goodyears that are a year old. Not much choice when sitting on the side of the highway. $4000 damage to the coach but fortunately no injuries or damage to anyone else.
  14. Ray Turner USN 1961 - 64 EM3, Tin Cans, USS Fechteler DD870, USS Larsen DD830 Long Beach, CA - Cuban Missle Crisis, Wespac USAF 1966 - 70 SSGT Electrician McGuire AFB,NJ - Galena, Alaska,- Pope AFB,NC
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