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  1. I've seen several reports of Fords jumping out of Tow Mode while being towed - it's usually been traced to the battery dropping below a certain voltage while being towed.
  2. RV Armor provides a lifetime warranty, tied to the vehicle's VIN, so it is transferred when the vehicle is sold...
  3. Current pricing for a complete NSA Ready Brute Elite II kit is $2699 directly from NSA: here's the link this gives you everything you need from the back of the RV to the baseplate on the toad, including brakes and lighting. Installation would depend on the toad but it's all capable of DIY, if you have even basic skills.
  4. It may be the grey tank itself that is causing the stick - there are grey tank cleaners on the market that are similar to black tank products that can be used to address the issue.
  5. Yup - slow down. I've also gotten into the habit of moving over: if traffic allows move to the left lane; if not I'll move to the right so my curb-side tires are between the fog line and the rumble strips. It's usually the right lane that is in the worst shape, and in that lane it's usually the ruts caused by the tires of all the heavy traffic so if you can get away from those ruts you're better off.
  6. Here in California the money is usually allocated to things like the high-speed rail system (approved by the voters as a $30B project, it is now up to $133B and no end in sight), adding bike paths, and other crap rather than repair and maintenance of existing roads. Along I5 they have closed several rest areas so they can completely demolish tham and rebuild them with fresh concrete - meanwhile the freeway surface that goes right past those rest areas is starting to look like the Rubicon Trail!
  7. sandyhepburn

    RV Hos ?

    A few months back we replaced our old Garmin 1450 with a newer Garmin RV890 - they've certainly improved! The 890 is nice because of the ways the display can be personalized. I have it set up so the left side of the display shows the map and the right side shows a list of the upcoming gas stations, rest stops, lodgings, and food places. Across the bottom I display the speedometer, altimeter, and the time and distance to the day's destination. We recently stayed at a campground that sent us a text saying to ignore our GPS and use the directions that they provided - it turned out the the Garmin followed their directions exactly. My conclusion was that maybe some older GPS routing engines weren't accurate, but if you always use current maps you should be good. Garmin suggest that you update the maps quarterly and keep both the new 890 and the older 1450 updated, both for free.
  8. Sometimes, even with all the coordination in place, the parking crew still gets it wrong. We had a group of 6 RVs go to the Convention in Minot; we ended up being parked as 3 RVs on one side of a fence, and 3 RVs on the other side of the fence with a non-member mixed in with us.
  9. Most roadside assistance packages are for breakdowns, not accidents.
  10. We got 10 years of use out of a Walmart MAXX battery, so we replaced it with another one - the OEM battery in our 2007 Bounder gave up at 4 years...
  11. I'll give it a try: One: Alan Two: US Army Airborne Three: Two years - 1971-73 Four: Made E3 from both directions... Five: Paratrooper - M60 machine gunner Six: Vietnam-era, Ft Bragg, NC Our son is currently in the US Navy (2005-present) and his daughter is currently in the US Air Force (2021-present) - that makes 5 generations that have served!
  12. That photo looks like it was taken in the storage yard we just left, after over 30 years with them! We weren't happy with the rent going from $150 per month to $350 per month, and an added $100 per year for "administrative" fees...
  13. Back in the day we bought a new, 1989 Shasta fifth wheel - 34 foot front living room model. We were about 1200 miles from home when we found the same issue: pin box seemingly "floating" instead of being solid. It turned out that when the chassis was built they start by tack-welding the various pieces together and then go back and run beads for the entire joint, except during the time ours was built the welders were on strike. Apparently a handful of units, including ours, were tack-welded, but never finished off, so after some random time on the road the tack-welds would break. In our case, the ONLY thing holding our trailer together was the wood framing! The solution was to basically disassemble the entire overhang section of the trailer and weld the chassis back together, then rebuild the body. Even though we were a few months out of warranty, Shasta paid for all the repairs, and put us up in a hotel and paid for our meals while the repairs were being done. We sold that trailer shortly after that...
  14. Doesn't look like there's a lot of clearance between the vehicles - tight turns might be an issue. And I don't know if I would want the front suspension just hanging there like that - it will put a lot of unusual stress on the struts and/or springs and shocks...
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