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  1. This Norcold is N400 2 way totally manual. I doubt it goes on and off. But flame decreases in size. I have to remove the frig in order to get to the controls. That is my next step. Gas pressures on gauge in back of refig is 7. I do not use the factory installed tiny lp tank. I smell gas when I turn this tank on so I keep it turned off. i put a 20lb. tank on back of RV in a storage container. Has worked well. Tied into the line going to appliances.
  2. Hi, I have not tried the starting without filter in. It could be a carburetor problems because I use the generator so seldom but I am aware that one is suppose to start and run under load for 20 minutes once a month. Cannot do now. It did run last year doing the 20 min run. Would a can of fuel cleaner work? I am thinking about having it removed. I have a 135 watt solar on roof.
  3. Besides refrigerator problems, I have a 2.8 Onan generator. It did work when i bought the 1990 Toyota mini RV. Now it starts runs 30-90 seconds then stops. It will start right away but then dies right after starting. I have changed oil(10w30) NEW AIR FILTER, AND NEW FUEL filter. The generator has almost 600 hrs. on it. None of this helped it to keep running. Is there a fuel pump? Thanks for any help.
  4. 11-29-13 Hi finally I found this -- not good at finding this info. The refrigerator worked for awhile on lp, it sounded like a jet plane. I would turn the thermostat down to about #3-4 and then the sound changed to more quiet. However, it would go out completely within maybe 2 hrs or so. Now, it goes out the second I take my finger off the red button. Bottom line is I have to take the frig out or at least bring it into the unit to get to the controls which are located at the top. I need warm weather. Thank you.
  5. New info on this frig as of 9/3/13. now the electric part does not work and the LP goes off the second I release the red button. CORRECTION THE ELECTRIC REFRIG. DID WORK LATER IN SEPT 2013. 11/29/13 Thinking it again might be the selector switch. I DID BUY SWITCH, NOT INSTALLED I COULD NOT FIND ANY RECALLS ON THIS N400
  6. hi how do I check gas pressures? I had a local guy clean up burner assembly and i asked him about gas pressures. he blew me off wwithout checking anything. "oh they are fine" the norcold has a pressure gauge located behind fridge. still works on electric. I did buy a selector switch as that seemed the problem 1st time. have not installed because of weatther which is cold. anyhelp ? heading ou to austin tx area after xmas. I have had bad experiences with RV folks and my NORCOLD N400 4.5 2 WAY. long story eventually the selector switch was replaced at RV shop in Appleton, wi, however, 2 yrs later it is displaying the same symptoms. calling NORCOLD is worthless. the refrig works on electric if level. but on propane will light but when i let go of the red buttom it goes out. I have to take the refrig out to get at the controls to check for loose wiring or dirty connectors. so far i have not done this. i do not use my rv often(1990 toyota winnebago mini) but do miss the LP REFRIG. Boondock when out.... any suggestions..refrig is a 2006 model
  7. Hi, I have a 1990 Toyota Winnie. 6. auto. The fiberglass gets covered with fungus?? and I can see that it has had damage in the past. i would like to reseal the windows and paint the siding and the roof. It is the original alum roof. I resealed all the roof seams in 2007-- no leaks so far. Any suggestions on type of paint, I will do this myself. Also thought about murals in the blank spaces, rather than paint entire coach, paint type?
  8. My lst RV was a pickup used palamino1986. tiny frig. Then I bought on e-bay a 1990 Toyota Winnebago(21'). I made all the mistakes of a person who does not know what to look for and a sleazy seller. Still have some problems: leaky kitchen faucet, short in wiring some where, using d/c the system shorts out. might be a bad ground?? refrig on lp not working right. Anyhow, I like little, can get around easily-- no desire to go bigger.
  9. HI, the first round of problems included replacing the gas safety value. but that was not the issue as the selector switch proved to be the problem. No, I have not cleaned the board. Do I just snap the cover off to get to the controls? I did not realize that the flame could go off and on. I assume the unit is working when the indicator panel is in the green area. Also, if I leave the thermostat # in a hi position, it will freeze everything and does not go out. Waiting to hear more.
  10. I have a 2006 Norcold 400 2 way. in past lots of problems, new selector switch solved it. Now having problems again. works OK electric, but on LP it goes off when I turn down the right hand thermostat to a lower setting. When I light it it sounds like a blow torch and will stay on at high #'s. but gobbles gas and freezes everything. Then goes off when turned down. Already had burner cleaned of rust. That is all he did. It would not lite before that. Any suggestions?
  11. I have a 400 norcold, which was 11/2 yrs old when I bought my 1990 classic toy RV. The refrigerator gave me troubles from the start and 3 dealers later and 1 1/2 yrs later the selector switch was changed and Norcold covered it. Now I am having problems again. It lites now after after paying someone local to clean the burner. He did not check the gap, the pressures or the nozzle. When I turn down the thermostat to a lower # it goes out every time. The refrigerator works OK on electric. Norcold is worthless to call. How do I check the pressures? The gauge in access panel reads 7. Thank you.
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