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  1. For the most insects and spiders may have built a home in your grill hose. Try a new hose. You can also try blowing it out with air. There are safety mechanisms in propane grill hoses. The hose safety mechanism gets plugged up with debris. You can also remove the safety mechanism. Rayin, On my grill the regulator is the flame control. There is not another regulator.
  2. May I add to your good information? Please do NOT use abbreviations or acronyms . Spell out what you are talking about.
  3. Paul was not helpful. Only suggestion was (last year) send it for repair. Same suggestion came from the phone call from HWH. I want to post a video of the working jack but am not familair with posting videos on here. The crud on my jack is the real reason jacks do not retract. Please note many folks think the springs are getting weak. Weak springs are NOT the reason jacks do not retract. The reason is dirt. The reason for my rebuild was the kick down cylinder was not working. I found this dirt during the larger cylinder rebuild. The large cylinder occasionally did not retract. More information here
  4. kev

    Radiant Heat Floor

    There are more pictures at: The place where Barth members meet
  5. Here is the completed picture. In a return call from HWH take note they did not know if the ports connecting the two cylinders were both drilled with a hole or not. Finally another call from the tech person said they ar BOTH drilled ports even though they sent me one solid and one open with a "poppit' valve" On the other hand they did not tell me what the problem was not permitting the jack to deploy intirely at 90 degrees. HWH does not want anyone to know. They would not tell me. I did figure it out myself. Below is a picture of a Carbide blast cleaned and painted (while in pieces) newly rebuilt functioning properly leveling jack. Anyone having questions on the parts or rebuilding can Private Message me for now. I would, if permitted post the steps in the rebuild process for the 16000 pound leveling jack. Other HWH jacks may be similar.
  6. I prefer the choice of power consumption. I would NOT put a home refrigerator in MY camper. National RV refrigeration Repair in Shepshewanna, Indiana is where I purchased a newly rebuilt refrigerator for my camper. If you take a road trip like I did with a Canyon cooler, Glen will repair or replace your refirgerator. The number for National is: 260-768-7059 to make an appointment. Try searching Craigslist for RV refirigerators. Here are some pictures of the install that was less than one coach buck ($1000)
  7. Thanks for the timestamp update. I did not notice the timestamp being old.
  8. kev

    New Floor

    I like the luxury and warmth of wood. Did you do the work? Most flooring professionals will not work in motorhomes because there is too much precision work. Fooring guys want big open rooms with little or no custom cuts. On a other note it appears you have a tall top step. Is that 10 inches? Mine was an 8" and then a 10.5. I changed to 3 steps with about 6' rise. Did your rise/run change with the flooring upgrade?
  9. My BaRTH is 11'6" tall. It is aircraft aluminum. Most are under 10 ton. Mine tipps the scales at 15 ton. There are several Barth class A campers for sale at Barthmobile.com. Some are gas and some are diesel pushers. Mine is on a Gillig Chassis. Some are Spartan Chassises. The gassers are mostly Chevrolet Chassises. What is your budget jemcge28?
  10. Pictures will not upload with Chrome based "EPIC" web browser. I had to use Microsoft Edge to post my pictures of radiant heat flooring. Epic is a browser that will give different search results from Google. It is paid for by its users not the advertiser(s).
  11. kev

    Radiant Heat Floor

    The reason I took the time to install radiant liquid heat is because I did not like the electric current constantly under my feet and contained by an aluminum box. My coach is all aluminum. I got rid of my water bed heater years ago so I was not sleeping on an electric current. I have the same usage restriction. I need to turn off the pump in the floor when I want a hot shower. The floor does retain enough heat while using hot water for a shower.
  12. kev

    Radiant Heat Floor

    Thank you wildebil308 and erniee for the recognition. I did not think it was going to be that challenging. I have it in my home but there are no space restrictions. The motor home presented an engineering challenge with space restrictions. A little bit about my floor heat: The engine hot water tank heats the domestic hot water with a heat exchanger. The domestic hot water heats the floor with a flat plate heat exchanger. The liquid is moved with 1 amp 12 volt wet rotor pumps. When parked the the domestic hot water is heated by shore power and/or propane.
  13. kev

    Radiant Heat Floor

    After some personal help with the information technology department, we discovered that the Epic Browser based on Chrome will not let the pictures load. After switching to Microsoft Edge I was able to post the above pictures. If anyone would like to see more pictures I will post more pictures. Off topic, .....If using Microsoft Edge browser is useful information, a moderator could post this tip where needed.
  14. During Covid lockdown I was not using my Motor Home. I installed radiant heat flooring. It took about 10 months to complete. Here is what is under my floor.
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