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  1. Here is a great site to check on gun laws for the different states...www.handgunlaws.us I would also look at getting a concealed weapons permit from my home state and then, depending on what your home state is, look into getting a non-resident permit from Fla. and/or Utah. This will give you 32 plus states in which you will be covered for CC. Above all, know your weapon(s)...practice, practice and more practice shooting whatever you carry.
  2. You took this a lot better than I would have...I would have told them to "pound sand" and walked out. Then I would have called the Police Dept in that first location to see if the first FJ had reported a "drive off", then I would have called my attorney...FJ has become the "stop of last resort" for me when there are no other options for fuel.
  3. Hmmm...I assume that this was obtained while going down hill...with a good tail wind.
  4. I use both of these products, and have used them since 2007. I have a Monaco Signature and tow a 2007 Ford Explorer...Everything works like a charm..In 35K towing mile I've had 0 problems or damage with my toad..Easy to install and only adds a couple of minutes to your hookup time.
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