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  1. OK my mind has been made up, i'm going the consignment route. I need to call State Farm to see what they offer in terms of insurance...
  2. Thank you jleamont, i was talking with my wife about that very thing - how to get dad's MH to the consignment lot. I have no experience with buses that big, and i can just see me wrecking it or hurting someone else in another car. I agree, mine can't be a unique situation
  3. Yep that is a heck of a lot closer Bill, we're just SE of 121 and the Tollway, i'm going to try them. thank you again Bill
  4. Bill, well thanks for bursting my bubble on the easy way out!! I knew deep down inside it wouldn't fly, but 'twas a fools hope. I looked PPL up on the interwebs, i had no idea places like this existed. Convenient for me that both are in TX, i am in Plano. I appreciate the info this is very helpful. I'll call them to get info....
  5. Manholt, dad's MH is in OKC and i am in Plano TX, that's a good point thank you
  6. rossboyer, wow that's something i didn't think about... Is this insurance offered by the consignment dealer or our insurance provider (in our case State Farm)? I can see this is a risk
  7. Thank you Manholt, caring for loved one's estate is so complicated and just a weird place to be. I don't have an RV, just have possession of my dad's MH.
  8. Herman, thank you for your kind words and I'll be sensitive not to give the appearance of advertising. Thanks again for the advice.
  9. Everyone, I would appreciate advice on the best way to sell my 2005 Monaco RV and I know this topic has been posted before but my situation is unique. This was my father's RV and he recently passed, so as his son I want to sell it but would rather do so without moving it from RV storage. Also I don't live close to his property so my ability to facilitate showings will be limited. How realistic would it be to make a sale like this?
  10. Mr. Herman, Your comment makes a perfact sense. Even if I have a couple of million $ in expendable cash I would'nt do such thing. Keep on, keep us in straight. KK, Oklahoma City
  11. Let us think deeply; What FMCA can do to make the fees in line and competitive to other organizations? What promotional and or marketing activities can FMCA instigate to encourage membership? What can improve the membership benifit / cost ratio?
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