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  1. Are you a member of the Elks Club? Full hook ups, inexpensive, and great members! Stayed there one night for a ball game. Wish I could of stayed longer to see more of Denver. Ken 432032
  2. Stayed in Lakewood campground and PirateLand campground. Both were excellent. I am sure yours will just as great! Been through NYC in a coach at night. It is doable. Easiest way to get to 95. Like everyone says $$$ tolls will cost you. Leaving VT as fast as I can (100" of snow in mountains and, still snowing in April)! I take 87 to 88 down to 81 to 695 around Baltimore. I have also taken 87 to 84 to Port Jervis then down 209 (beautiful but winding and at time tight). The Chesapeake Bay Bridge is also fantastic, but tight underground. It will also cost you $$$. Try to pick up route 1 after NYC, or 13, or 17 as fast as you can. The ride is smooth and easy and free. have Fun, Ken 432032
  3. I fish in Buzzards Bay, MA., always a fish fry at my house starting in early spring. Gotta shuck those quahogs for the appetizer. I have a license for diggin those. Also have boat for fishing (Whaler) if anyone is in the area and wants to go sometime. Target is black sea bass, tautog, scup and striper.. David Hello David, How big is your boat? because you just invited a 1/2 million people (lol). Like me, you are probably going through your third Nor Eastern in March right now. So, I am assuming a little later for the fish fry. Please tell me what is tautog and scup are. I am sure they taste better than how I am pronouncing their names. Ken F432032 2014 Itasca
  4. Hello Bill, lake Winnipesaukee is Georgous! Lake George NY also has many wooden boat shows. Another beautiful area. Since anyone is in NH, go farther north to Maine. Can not beat the clam chowdah! Forget the R's in this part. Try the whole belly clams (fried). You will either love or hate them (no in-between). As for coming up in 4 months. I'll be in the Outer Banks in NC. Have to find the sun somewhere! Ken F432032 2014 Itasca
  5. In Vermont, with the lakes now frozen. You cannot beat ice fishing for smelt or perch. Come on up. The weather is freezing! Maple sugaring season is now also starting. Least we forget skiing is still going strong. Ken 432032 2014 Itasca
  6. Age is just a number! If it ain't broke... Ken Vachereau Vermont
  7. Hello and welcome! We named our1st one"Eddie" after the movie Christmas Vacation. It looked just like it. Boy, I miss that rig! It had all the bells a whistles! We named our 2nd and current rig Eddy. I spell it E-D Which is short for Eddie. Ken Vachereau Vermont
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