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  1. Hi Doug & Trudy, We are glad you replied and seems your bio is just like ours, lets go enjoy this US we live in with a few other like minded travelers. I am going to see what rest of family has in mind for vacations this summer while we are all together over Xmas and that will pretty much get us as to when, 2014 or 2015 we decide to see Alaska. I will keep you posted here. Have a Happy Holiday.
  2. It is now working and holding at 48 degrees.
  3. We have a 2004 Beaver Marquis and also changed to the HID lights. Huge difference as the old headlights and bulbs were like candles but we still are not satisfied as the plastic lenses still cloud up not long after we clean and seal. Changing out totally is on my list but I have yet to come up with a unit that will fit in the existing opening.
  4. In general we are below freezing every night from November thru mid April. Many nights we are in single digits and usually several weeks with below zero. Its is no experiment, as we have everything heated with our wood boiler. Home, workshop, storage for foam insulation products and in floor heat in our foam application trailer. I cannot quote the source, but with the high end finishes and furnishings in a home or a Coach it is always best to keep the temperature level above the freezing mark. Many see 50 degrees as a norm that protects most all items. We have winterized numerous RV's that were not the caliber of our current Coach with little problems. However, they were nowhere close to the 2004 Beaver Marquis that we currently have.
  5. 2014 or 2015 and the June July Aug would be the timeframe we would think is best. We were in Wisc last year at the World Lumberjack Championships in Hayward. Then off to Blackhills and Cody.
  6. Looking for anyone interested in going to Alaska either in 2014 or 2015. We have a 2004 Beaver Marquis with 505 Cat, 3 slides and tow a Ford F-150 crew cab (now 2012 but soon to be 2015). We have rv'd since 1971,11.5' Pickup camper, Class A then 1991 Beaver Contessa and now the Marquis. Travel western states every summer. Do almost all the work on our rigs with exception of internal engine or transmission. Just like to see the great outdoors and have a good time doing it. We are not structured so what looks interesting we poke our noses into and what doesn't appeal we just move on. Definitely want to do some fishing out of Homer, charter or shore. Not looking for the big city stops but if it is interesting enough we can take the truck to go see it. Looking for some interested parties to share the road with, maybe not follow front to tail but meet at points along the way or go to areas/sites we like to see in common. I would never say I do not have a need for speed but this trip is not one of those times. This is kind of one of them soak it all in cause we are probably not going back soon. We are going there to see it, not fly by it. I was stationed on Adak and in downtown Anchorage right after the quake in 1964. Probably 6 rigs at most but maybe 8 if all of same interest. Have no exact itinerary. If you are interested please let me know and maybe we could get together for meeting, planning, etc. We would be leaving out to Traverse City Michigan and can pick up those additional travelers anywhere on the byways.
  7. I can only reply to the Aquahot as this is what we have in our 2004 Beaver Marquis. IF you go to the www.aquahot.com website you can download the manual and the parts manual for your units aquahot. The model number is on the front of your unit about halfway back from the compartment opening, you will need a mirror to be able to read. Our model was 103 pages long but well worth the time and reading it made a lot more sense as to how and why it works. Parts manual also has several parts I will have as spares now that I understand why. Numerous pictures if you do not like to read. They look complicated but are actually quite simple once you understand what and how they do it. Wonder why a Coach cost what it does, New Aquahot $10,000.00 refurbished $7,000.00. Trust me you can repair your own with a little help from this forum and a decent mechanic, and the manual. I am currently completing a bypass for the Aquahot so I can heat the Coach while in its bay for winter with our wood fired boiler. It has taken a little ingenuity to understand that you must totally bypass the aquahot and drain the domestic water line around the boiler heat chamber as the diesel burner or electric will not heat the copper lines wrapped around the heat chamber. No residual heat will be there either. ( I have talked to Aquahot service numerous times and with the systems regulated thru a circuit board it is impossible to seperate them to operate the zone pumps without having the diesel burner or electric firing the boiler). The Coach will have its own zone pump off the wood boiler and the coach thermostats will operate as they normally do to regulate the zone heat desired right thru the plate heat exchangers and blowers under the cabinets and bed.
  8. What did you have to do to make the lights work: running, turn, stop? I just bought 2004 Marquis that has the Roadmaster 9000 installed on the coach, air brakes, and I can purchase the 2nd vehicle unit from Roadmaster to get the F-150 brakes working but not sure what I have to do if anything for lights.
  9. What was ever decided on towing this truck. I have always trailered and would like to eliminate the trailer if possible.
  10. Doug Allman USMC L/CPL 1962 - 1965 San Diego - Boot Pendleton 2nd Division Pensacola, Fl. 6 mos Radio Intercept School Top Secret Clrnc Adak, Alaska 364 days Ft. Meade MD National Security Agency SEMPER FI At our Coach we always raise & fly the US and Marine Corps flag. **** proud to be one of the few. Love to associate with other service members - always makes a trip special.
  11. In the Blackhills same as in Yellowstone but you have got to take a good look at the roads as there are tunnels and bridges that are not passable with a certain size motorhome. If you tow you always have an out if their is a problem with the motorhome. Trust me, what runs well on the flat land at lower elevations does different things in higher elevations and on steep grades, up and down. The National Park service seems to have done the same as in the box store parking lots - make more spaces for cars within the same sized paved parking area. It does not bode well for RV's over 30' and at times you are gonna have to wait til someone comes and moves.
  12. Been to Yellowstone over 20 times and there is little room for a motorhome over 20' long (parking) and if you are wanting to stop and see the wildlife in Hayden Valley you will have to walk miles to get back there after you park the motorhome. During the evening when wolves, bears, elk and other wildlife is common to view in Hayden Valley there are cars everywhere, including stopped right in the road, trying to park. Most all roads have edge drop offs. Roads in Yellowstone are adequate for most length motorhomes to travel thru the park on but narrow as in most national parks and this but leaves you with few options that you may want to explore when there for a week as parking is a Premium. A tow vehicle or rental would be much more desirable. The comment about Glacier is right on, you are not going over the pass if you are too large, long and over 8' wide including mirrors. In Glacier you are either right on the edge or right up against a granite wall and the guy on the edge has no room to get over for you. Road built by CCC and you will be amazed that there are only granite blocks about 8" high along the edge of a very very long drop off. Last time we went thru in late July they closed the road due to avalanches and we could not get back over the next day. It is a long way around. In Yellowstone most wildlife is seen at Hayden Valley, between Fishing Bridge and Canyon Village from 6pm til dark. North of Canyon up to Tower Junction is where most bears are now seen. At Mammoth the Elk are usually in the front yards of the Hotel and other buildings trying to stay cool on the watered lawns during the summer heat. There is also wildlife seen in the Valley between Tower and the eastgate. There is a lot of wildlife in all other parts of the park but being more heavily forested it is a chance encounter. Last summer in Hayden Valley we spent from 7pm til 9:30 pm watching a pack of 5 wolves cross the entire length of the 7 mile valley as they worked their way to the south end where several elk herds were. It was amazing to see how the wolves hunted and the Elk reacted to their presence. We will be back there this summer again but staying in Cody and taking day trips into the park. Cody night rodeo is always at 8pm every night and is excellent. Your ticket is either for the grandstands or the "Buzzards Roost" (right across the arena from the main grandstands. Watch where the people go and just follow) which is right above the bull and bronc chutes. It is a grand place to see all the action and watch the cowboys. Gates open at 7pm so get there early and get a good seat. Your walk over will take you above all the stock pens so you get to see all the 4 legged participants.
  13. I will look in manual and then use pad to get me codes. I also discussed with local here and they indicated that had same type problem and was fixed by replacing solenoid. THANK YOU All.
  14. Have just had a problem with a 2004 Beaver Marquis Allison 4000 6 speed trans at 42000 mi. When coming to corner of highway and using engine brake noticed that engine brake did not engage. After stopping "check transmission" light came on and transmission stayed in 5th gear. When arriving at destination as few miles later shut Coach off and then restarted, all was OK. On return to home same problem appeared 4 more times, did not use engine brake, so thinking that when down shifting to stop this occurred. Does anyone know what solving this problem involves. Transmission is at fullmark for the Transynd fluid. One other symptom is that when initially engaging transmission to move forward there is a seemingly longer delay than usual for trans to engage and it comes into gear hard. In reverse there is no delay.
  15. Have looked at the Super Steer Motion Control Units sold by Hendersons. Does anyone have any expierence with these units installed on a big rig? We have a 2004 Beaver Marquis with 12 air bags and while it is pretty good it still does the rock and roll when on uneven surface. They say these units have a valve in them that greatly reduces the air loss or input so that it limits this roll when uneven surfaces are encountered. We like a great handling coach so will use aftermarket if it works. Any input would be appreciated.
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