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  1. Looking for recommendations for campgrounds that will accommodate a 39' Class A
  2. In regard to the trip to MA we have been avoiding I 84 in CT by taking NY Thruway north to Mass Pike then east through MA. This has proven to be a better route lately.
  3. Gentlemen, thank you very much. 80 west to Ohio, then southwest sounds like the way to go. One other thing, there are many more campgrounds in Ohio than West Virginia.
  4. Leaving late April for Lexington area. There are two basic routes. The first is west through Pa then southwest through Ohio. The second is south on 81 then southwest through West Virginia. Which would be best road and best route?
  5. We just made the trip from Page, north on 89, then west on rt 20 to I 15. The roads were great. We have a 38' gas RV with toad. We were told 89 north of route 20 was quite hilly that is why we cut over on rt 20.
  6. Interested in opinion of best route early May from northern N J to Nashville. It seems there are two routes, I 81 to I 40 or I 81 to 68, 79, 64, then 65.
  7. Thank you so much for the feed back. We will try the KOA in Carlsbad. We will be then going to Grand Canyon and then the National Parks in Utah before leaving the RV in Denver for three months. We will then fly back out in September and then head north to Rocky Mt, then Tetons, Yellowstone and then east through Badlands before heading home to NJ.
  8. We are planning a trip from northern NJ to the southwest with Carlsbad Caverns as the first stop. Apparently there are two main routes we could take. The first is down I 81, through Tennessee, Little Rock, Dallas and across Texas. The second is I 80 west through Penn, over to Columbus, Indianapolis, St Louis, Tulsa and down to NM. Which route would be best?
  9. I have a 2013 Bounder Classic 37' with the Ford engine. Does anyone tow a Traverse with a similar RV?
  10. I have a 2013 Bounder Classic. I want to relocate the radio/rear camera screen from in the dashboard where it is difficult to see to the top of the dashboard in a wooden enclosure. Any suggestions on this relocation?
  11. We stayed there 3 nights last summer in a 35' RV. It was very nice. The sites on the water are great with nice size.
  12. We are planning a trip from the east coast to western national parks, including a week in Yellowstone. Most of our stays however will be one or two nights. My question is should we tow a car?
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