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  1. We too are with Blue Sky ... all of our vehicles .... Jim Schecter is our agent in Tucson ...... if I saw an unreasonable increase ... I'd determinately be on the phone to him.
  2. There are usually some pretty good deals on stackers on Racing Junk.com ..... Sounds like this could solve you problems .... ???
  3. I beleive ISB ... but don't think its fuel related ... as the engine shut down is due to the injectors being shut down by the PCM after restart ... like 3 pulses and its done ... Thought we mite have some additional info on the OPs issue that would give us a clue ......
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    Sorry for doing this as our second rather then first post .... but got signed up on the forum, have been lurking for a while ... but since being involved in other forums and the huge benefit ... thought we'd get signed up ... at least on the forum for now .... We are in process of investigating MHs, seeking advise in particular areas related, planning the strip down and sale of our home and hopefully being full timers in 12-18 months. Our experience is a big ZERO ... so right now we're at the mercy of it all ... ((did that when we started working on and investing in our Corvettes .... without the forum ... really dumb idea ... so not this time)). Have already picked up a lot and what to give a shout out to all those participating and posting their knowledge ... I'm certain we all remember (before the internet) making it up as we went ... so thankful for you all .... THANKS.!!! We are already starting to sell stuff in the house ... and identifying what will be sold in the final days, and what we want to take with us ... That includes two of our Vettes ... We plan on keeping one, putting it in a 24' trailer and bringing along. So far we're pretty much thinking we'll be in something over 40, must have TA and more then 400HP. Monaco is at the top of my list, my wife Jackie is gaga with the Tour ... but looking at Newmar & Beaver as well .... and looking for the deal of the day (used) ... lots out there ... (Jackie shops online almost daily) ... but we've a way to go ... So .. Hello to all from Arizona ... hope to get to know you all over time and maybe on our travels ... Thanks for being here !!!
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    Solar Power

    I know this is a bit dated .... but do you have more info on the panels you got ??? What kind .... size ... weight ??? and who did you have install them ... (( wondering how tuff diy ??)) thx .... thx for post up on this topic .......
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