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  1. Congratulations! Almost looks like a Tonka truck version!!
  2. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with motor scooters behind their coach. Thinking about getting a little Honda of some sort that we can use to putt around town. Any recommendations?
  3. Mine USED to work on DC while we were traveling, but suddenly quit working. Thanks for the download kayp - appreciate it. Been in touch with the Dinosaur Electronics people - gonna try to get off early tomorrow so we can do some diagnostics over the phone......
  4. We just got back from vacation, and during our trip we discovered that our Norcold fridge will not operate on 12 volts. Works fine on LP and AC, but will not work off the house battery. I pulled the cover off the back of the fridge today and did some testing with my multimeter. I have AC and DC to the board. The 5 volt control fuse is not blown, and I have control power at the front panel display - the panel is operational and self-diagnoses. I'm suspecting that the board may have laid down on us for some silly reason, as the unit used to work fine in all modes. I checked the Norcold recalls and this unit isn't listed. Anyone have a similar issue with a 900 series Norcold? Need to get this thing working on house / vehicle power to keep our burgers and bee...ummm, "cool, refreshing beverages" cold when we go to Bowling Green this weekend.....
  5. Greetings Shipmates - and to all veterans!!
  6. Depends..... I would say that if you're not afraid of getting your hands dirty and doing things yourself, then you might make out pretty well if the money side of it is okay and it seems reliable. You never know - could just be stuff that has loosened up over the years (like that mirror!). I would seriously look in all the cubbyholes in the unit and see if there is anything just loose and flopping around before I plunked down my cash......
  7. Actually, if I'm not mistaken, it's the quantity of air molecules at altitude that effect performance, not barometric or turbocharger pressure.
  8. Wondering if your fuel rail is inside the engine like some of the old designs. I've seen those "make" oil from inside the engine from a leaking rail. Also, as Huffy says, idling a cold diesel is not a good thing to do either. (But it's nowhere near as bad as some dufus using ether on a compression ignition engine. Ask me how I know.... ​ )
  9. Umm, there shouldn't be a connection. Are you sure you don't have a faucet leaking?
  10. He gotcha Bill !! I didn't even catch that - must be getting tired from all this heat. Way to go shipmate!!
  11. That's cool - not saying you're wrong .... just saying I've seen where the public water supply comes from!! Got my new pump today and installed it... works perfect - no runs, no drips, no errors!!
  12. Honestly, I wouldn't drink the water that comes out of the tank - or the city water supply either - without running it through a purifier of some sort. I'd SHOWER in it, but I wouldn't DRINK it. I've been in a couple of the big steel "potable water" storage tanks (yeah - the big ones you see in the countryside), and after seeing what's actually IN the tanks after they've been drained, I now have a faucet water purifier in the house. You are probably going to have to flush the system a lot and keep bleaching the tank, unless someone else has any other suggestions. BTW - Got a new Surflo Revolution on Ebay for $63.00 and free shipping!! Luvin' it!
  13. Thanks Bill - yeah, I was looking at the Revolution and some 2088's on Ebay. Not badly priced, so I'm gonna get mine ordered tonight.
  14. I'm apparently either getting old - and blind - or I just didn't remember seeing the wiring. The pump obviously goes in that spot, now I just need to figure out what pump to get...
  15. MadHungarian

    Repair / Maintenance Photos

    Can't figure out what that widget is or does? Need some help identifying a part? post your pics here...
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