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  1. Hi All - Quick Update: I have found out a few important facts - 1. The "Replacement" system is called a SlimRack and Winnebago is helping people. So far, it looks like out of warranty owners should take their rigs to Winnebago. I have been told by those who have been there that they charge anywhere from zero to reduced cost to what an extended warranty company pays. I do not know how they decide to charge what they do. 2. These whole wall slideouts are too big for most facilities to handle. Also, it is best to take a rig to a facility that has retrofitted a few. Finally, it may be necessary to add a roller under the heaviest part of the slide and Winnebago can do that too. 3. Lastly, the SlimRack system still has just to tracks on each end, but they are much beefier and should last the life of a rig's normal cycles. I will keep you updated as I gather info. bh2oman
  2. If sand or debris gets into the butterfly valve, water from the city will seep past it and fill the tank. There are two - one is the pressure sensor switch. This will happen - not much you can do to prevent it. You can install a PVC ball valve on the input side. That way you can shut off the water to the tank and that will prevent it from filling. I would also install a switch on the pump so it can't be turned on when the valve is closed. Don't forget or you won't have water when not connected to city water.
  3. Has anyone else had a problem where the big ¾ length driver side slideout track system had to be replaced with a beefier 3-track system? Current Status: My RV repair guy was afraid to tackle the repair of a huge slideout until he talked to Lippert (LCI). When he did, LCI interrupted him and said: “Let me guess … the slide is out of sync back to front and top to bottom – right?” After a few confirming questions, LCI said: “Winnebago installed the wrong system. There is no way that little two-track system can handle that huge slideout. My guy called Winnebago (who seemed to know that there is a problem with system that had been installed) and they told him that, since Camping World did not report the problem (see below) when the rig was under warranty, they are no longer responsible for its repair. I’m using bullets to shorten this history as much as possible Purchased a new Adventurer 37F in 2015 It has a huge driver’s side slideout that carries everything including the kitchen sink, closet, washer & dryer, 80% of all inside storage, 42” TV and lift system, table and a residential refrigerator. Noted right away that the front end was out of sync with the rear and there was a gap on the bottom that was greater than on the top Even if I could sometimes get the slideout to snug-up, it would move out again after driving a few miles Four months after purchase, took it in to CW for several warranty fixes including the slideout CW told me that it was “within spec” – saying in general that it was as good as it will get and they documented that in writing (evidently did not report this to Winnebago) The slideout moved in and out and we were having no problem with leaks … so we have been using it for almost three years (We are on the road 6-7 months of the year.) Recently, after bringing it in and was starting drive, I heard a loud pop. It was so loud that I stopped and inspected – saw nothing The next time I had the slide all the way out, I noticed that there was damage to the lower-front gear track in the form of damaged teeth near the outer end Took it in to my RV repair shop (not CW) and this is where this story above began We are going to fight this – but that’s a story for later
  4. There are rollers, but they don't touch the floor. When the slideout is out, you can see the lower rollers from the outside by pressing down the underside weather seal along the bottom. But the rollers are probably not the problem. The problem is most likely the slideout is tilting when brought in ... the outside seals are touching at the top before the bottom touches (if they ever do) ... which means that your slideout is out of sync top to bottom and probably can't be fixed with the original track system. Well ... it can be patched but not fixed, and the same thing will happen again. Why? Because the original two-track system is too weak to handle the weight and keep it level. There probably is a fix but it's major. Lippert (LCI who makes the track system) either now knows or knew back then that the two track system was too weak for the big whole-wall slideout since it carries a ton of appliances and 80% of internal storage. The floor marks are probably made by the sink island. Watch it as it comes in and place a piece of fabric or small towel just before it touches. The island will slide on fabric and the fabric will protect your floor. You can also replace the damaged floor tiles - Winnebago probably still has them for a price. They are not that difficult to replace. Sorry for the bad news.
  5. We have never attended an FMCA convention and have never dry-camped before. What amenities are available? From the grounds map, it looks like electric is available only because the areas labeled "family electric" hint that. I assume that there are no sewer hookups but is water available? Is a honey wagon service available? We'll know more next time but this time we know nothing. B&G
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