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  1. Very nice-- it will bring you many happy miles.
  2. We have a 2008 Dynaquest 360xl and love it. If you are looking for a high end quality coach that is a good one.
  3. Just ordered one from Tri Mark they are very helpful and good service. 800-431-8616 if you look at the web sight it will show you many types. Or just call them.
  4. Look on the web under used RV parts in Carthage Mo and Joplin MO they have several used RV parts centers.
  5. Herman Looks like they come out from the back and they are all undercoated in so will just leave it for now. Will just stay away from backing in the dark. Thanks
  6. Herman They have a chrome ring around the lenses holding it on. I think it may unscrew but don't want to scratch the paint undoing it if I an wrong.
  7. Can some one tell me how to remove the lens on the 6 docking lights to replace the bulb on the back of the Dynaquest MH.
  8. I have not talked to the Freightliner dealer near us but am going to try and get their next week to by some parts so will see what he has to say about working on it.
  9. Motorcyclist, Thanks for the tip that is good to know. I don't see what kind of motor home you ended up getting. I am going to get spare filters to keep with us. Is their any think more we should have on hand?
  10. BlueFlame, That is a nice looking unit. We felt the same way about the super C route. We are happy so far with ours. But that is not for every one that is the reason we have many styles to pick from.
  11. Are any Dynaquest owners still around?
  12. We purchase a used 2008 Dyquest 360xl we are very happy with it. The quality is super. Still learning about how it all works.
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