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  1. Newfoundland is a wonderful place to go. I found it was 'like going home'! Warm and wonderful people. They have wonderful accent, sometimes difficult to understand, bye(boy). Different place name ie. Quidi Vidi pronounced Kitty Vitty. South ***** is were the Trans Atlantic cable came ashore in days gone by. One of the local things to do is - to 'kiss the Puffins Arse' and drink Screach! One thing I saw that was amasing was.....new Drive in Theaters. Have a good trip from a fellow West Coaster.
  2. Cloves, peppermint. Mouse traps with peanut butter and poison traps on the top of the wheels(get em before they get in)
  3. 12 y.o. first timer, we use http://headtotaildaily.com/product/calming-cat/ . She has chewed the fur off her tummy. After 3 wks she would come out to visit when the bus was moving.
  4. Ferry reservations - http://www.bcferries.com/ Gov site - http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/newcomers/before-canada.asp Roads - http://www.drivebc.ca/ Campgrounds - http://www.sunshinecoastcanada.com/stay/campgrounds The roads are good, the ferries should be reserved, don't bring guns and I've never camped there (too close to home). Boy, its a nice place. Lots to see - http://mollysreach.ca/. Have fun.
  5. Hi Everybody, Darryl and Jo here(15 yrs) from the Great White North - eh! This is our first MH - 2003 HR Endeavor DST Bath & 1/2. We have retired early, due to both good luck and bad(health)luck. We travel with our 13 y.o. cat. I've spent years motorcycle camping, 1976 - 1993, and am now looking forward to not sleeping on rocks! I can't wait to turn the heat on or the A/C. We've done a couple of shake down trips and we both find ourselves laughing out loud at this MH as it is larger than some of the Apartments we have lived in! The MH came with its own name - "eh Team II", so, all I can say is - I love it when a plan comes together!! See you on the roads. We will be the couple with the stupid grins on our faces.
  6. We both have Class 1 commercial Drivers licences, Semi trailers in any combination and any weight. DO NOT teach her, have a non-related driving instructor teach her! Thats the only advice I would give you. You never know....she might teach you something.
  7. My extended warranty requires me to change the Oil and Filters EVERY 4 months or 4000 kms or its void. $$$ thrown down the toilet! Be sure to get ALL the info. I hate slimy salesmen.
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