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  1. When shower head is paused there is always a trickle of water. Used to stay warm, but now gets cold like water is backing up into the hot water line. After head is unpaused it gets warm in a couple of seconds. Also there is no outside shower. Just seems like the cold water is backing up into the hot water line. Does anyone know if there is a second check valve anywhere? Driving us crazy and at our age we don't have to be driven, we're close enough to walk.
  2. We have a 2008 Itasca Sunstar 32K. When taking a shower and pause the water flow, the water trickling from the shower head turns cold. When turned back on, water takes a second or two to get warm again. Water heater has a check valve in the hot water outlet which I replaced, but still have the same problem. I've looked for another check valve but only see the one I changed. Anybody have a solution for this problem?
  3. I've been an FMCA member for quite a while. I agree Rayn, they should wait for the membership to vote. Personally, I feel that allowing towables will result in FMCA becoming just another Good Sam Club. I joined FMCA because I wanted an organization that catered to Motor Coaches. If towables are allowed I can't see paying dues to FMCA when I have a lifetime Good Sam membership Al Willumitis, F134095
  4. Sorry about the delay, forgot I made this post.. Must be getting old. Anyway, a year later and jacks still don't work. Checked the fluid and it's full, no signs or leakage at any of the cylinders or connections. The excuse the dealer gave me was that the inside of the hoses were probably deteriorated and debris was blocking the valves... I really don't want to replace the entire system. We're in South Louisiana , (Mandeville) on the other side of the lake from New Orleans. Does anybody know of a good place to get them checked, other than Dixie RV??
  5. I'm having the same problem with the Kwikee Level Best system on my 2008 Itasca. I understand that this is the same as :Power Gear. I have an extended warranty but have been told that the problem is either deteriorated inside of hoses and/or blockage in the valve body, neither of which would be covered under the warranty. The dealer, however said they would be happy to replace the hoses and rebuild the valve body for only $5000.00. I'm looking for a more cost effective solution
  6. Have a 2008 Itasca Sunstar equipped with Kwikee Level Best manual jack system. Jacks have become extremely slow to extend, takes almost 2 minutes for each pair to extend til they touch the ground. Once they are on the ground they do not have the strength to level the coach. Once the jacks are down, if you hit the button for either set of jacks, the coach will lurch slightly, pump will slow down, but then the motor speeds up and jacks don't extend. Almost seems like a bypass somewhere. Coach has an extended warranty so we brought coach to dealer. After 28 days in the shop (we're full timers, had to find somewhere to stay) we got it back and still have the same problem. Dealer did graciously offer to replace the pump and hosed for $5000. at our expense and MAYBE that would fix the problem. Any body have a similar jack problem
  7. We have a 2008 Itasca Sunstar on a 2007 Ford F53 chassis. Every time I turn off the ignition, the trip odometer resets to 0. All other functions seem to work properly. It's a minor issue but I would be nice if it worked. Anyone else having this problem or any idea how to solve it?
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