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  1. How is with it not having to shovel snow to go to work? Hope all is going good for you and Ronnie.

    Bobbie and I are doing well. I am having two new 15,000 AC/Heat Pumps installed Friday.

    I went to have the tech look the coach over to see if he had everything. All was well until I started to leave. The coach would not start. The starter just made a grinding  noise. I thought I may have had a stuck solenoid. When I got under the coach with a hammer to tap on the solenoid I found the starter was about to fall off. Two of the three bolts were missing and the third was barley hanging on. I tighten it and got home. I had to play the guessing game to come up with the size bolts I needed Because I could not pull the remaining bolt to match it up. I found the correct thread (1/2-20) but got it too short. It is in but not what I would like, I will get a half inch longer and I should be ready to go to Tucson on the 11th.

    We may try to make Florida next winter, If so we will look you up  


    1. jleamont


      Herman, all is well down here. Loving the area and all the things to do. Every weekend is another festival of some sort! Strawberry season now, lots of those. Next is garlic festival, I was warned,, I’m not allowed to attend 😂. Then comes the seafood festivals 😋
      look us up, we live in Port St Lucie, south end near Stuart Florida. 
      I need to update the AC’s on ours. Trying to plan some trips, haven’t done that yet, waiting on the snowbirds to leave.

      the starter bolts is very strange unless not torqued right on the last installation. I’d take this opportunity to get rid of those 12 point bolts with  something else.

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  2. Will be traveling for the next 3 weeks and may not be on the Forum too much, keep your good eye on it.

    Will be in Manchester Iowa for 6 days. Then Red Bay, AL for 4.


  3. I moved Greg's first post/question about 2003 Winnebago to a new thread.

    Do not have the ability to move subsequent posts to the new thread, so I deleted your post.

    Would be happy for you to ask the same question on the new thread.



    1. jleamont


      Ok, thank you for letting me know. We have to catch up on the Hydraulic hose replacement project you did. I am thinking next year taking that on. Hopefully it will be in person.


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