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  1. We are Escapees members and are indeed using their mail forwarding service. I was fortunate to be aware of Escapees for many years as my in-laws were members when they full-timed.
  2. Love Texas, have spent parts of winter / early spring in Big Bend area and Hill Country. Think our preference is more mountains, i.e., Montana, Colorado or Wyo.
  3. Looks like you have received plenty of really good advice. Basic tools, easy-to-replace spare parts, i.e., filters, bulbs, and hoses, etc., I would add a couple of different sized hose clamps. Vice grips too. Also...did anyone say DUCT TAPE?? You will learn - as most all of us did - by experience. We've been RVing for 20 years+, taking extended (2-month) trips for 7 years, and now full time. I am still adding to my tool kit! I have had to fix things on the fly that I never thought I'd have the skill to do, but you will find almost everybody you meet on the road - whether in an RV park or stranded on the shoulder of the interstate (God forbid) - will be kind and do their damdest to help you. If no one else mentioned previously, be a stickler for routine maintenance. Under the heading pay me now or pay me later, it's hard to put a price tag on aggravation, down time, etc. But I have our coach maintained per OEM chassis schedule specs by experienced people (I own a Cummins diesel, and my drive train is serviced at Cummins dealers or Spartan Chassis only). I have no idea how much if any it has saved me in actual out-of-pocket repair cost, but it does add greatly to my piece of mind. Good luck and enjoy the journey!
  4. Hi Everyone. We just began our full-timing experience in May. Since then we've logged about 6,000 miles as we pursue our objective of finding just the right spot to situate our home base. You can read all about us and our journey here. https://bruinsinthebus.com Safe travels everybody!
  5. We are original owners of a 2002 AC Tradition with a Norcold 1200. I replaced the cooling unit in May 2015 at National RV Refrigeration in Shipshewana, IN. In additional NRVR installed an ARP control unit. Pulled our coach out of storage in May 2016 to begin full-timing and found refrigerator did not work on AC. Traced problem to worn out AC heating elements, but only after dealing with an RV tech who had no knowledge of the ARP device, disconnected that and refrigerator still blew control box fuse on AC. At that time I called Paul Umack who owns ARP, LLC and he walked me through re-wiring the ARP to work properly and directed me to his website which has abundant information on LP absorption refrigeration, the Norcold recall issues, and his ARP device. We have opted to stay with our Norcold because of the amount of boondocking we do, and also after doing the research we believe the ARP provides the best level of safety against potential refrigerator fires. That said, we also have the FireFight Products auto discharge extinguisher installed in back of the refer in outside access compartment because we just feel better taking the "belt and suspenders" approach to this critical component of our "home." We have been spending our time in Montana this summer, and made it a point to go see Paul (he's in Butte). At that time I swapped out our basic ARP for one with a fan controller and added the cooling unit fan. Our Norcold works just fine, and better now with the added air flow past the cooling unit thanks to Paul's updated controller and fan unit. We chose the best option for us. Everyone has to weigh the pros and cons and make their own decision on going with a residential refrigerator or staying with one designed for RV use. But regardless of which refrigeration route you take, I think all RV owners should educate themselves on critical systems and related safety issues so as to make informed decisions on how to bes protect their rigs, property and lives. Good luck with your refrigerator decision.
  6. Hi all -- I have been struggling with same problem on my 2008 Gr Chke Overland. I found a final drive module at a local salvage yard (Chicago area) from a 2006 Commander. Plugged it in and although it allows me to shift transfer case to and out of neutral, I do get a constant "service 4WD system" message on dash. So I am thinking that maybe I only use this module when toad towing the Jeep. I have an open case with Chrysler customer care, and am told all the "pablum" about their working on it, understand my frustration, etc., etc., but really frustrating their seeming ambivalence. Perhaps there just aren't enough of us with the problem to warrant serious attention on their part?
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