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  1. ok, looking at a couple different ones. what brand did you get? did you do it yourself or have it done?
  2. hi guys, we made the air pressure changes and have put a few miles on. it definitely helped, but need to go to the next level. experiencing a great deal of driver fatigue fighting the cross winds and road in general. looking at Sumo springs, track bars and shocks. there are allot of options. could use any input.
  3. We also made air pressure adjustments according to a Goodyear chart we found online. Seems to have helped - but definitely not where I'd like it to be.
  4. Yep, full tanks and loaded for a trip. We have a 22,000 lb chassis.
  5. do you think it's possible is backwards? they had me pull all the way on,them back up one set of pads.
  6. Thanks again everyone! Not sure I understand all this, we only have two axles. Our front gawr 8,000 and rear gawr is 15,000. Below are today's weights: Steer axle - 12,600 Drive axle - 6,540 Trailer axle - 12,620 Gross weight - 31,760
  7. I'm going to take the RV to a truck stop tomorrow to have it weighed, but they only way by Axle. The chart someone attached to Super handy but it's by axle end. Do I just double that when figuring the axle weight in the chart?
  8. OK guys, you may have to back track a little for a rookie like me. Where do I get the weight checked? How do I use that info to determine tire pressure? The tires themselves say cold max of 90. The GVWR 22000. No 2 ways about it, we are ALL over the road in descent cross wind, it really doesn't take very much. Just going down the road its a very rough and bumpy ride-- like sitting in a empty flat bed pick up.
  9. We are looking to make some improvements to our 2011 Daybreak bunk house. The ride and handling make it difficult to drive and gives my family motion sickness going down I80. I haven't had a lot of luck looking around the net, what have you done or seen done that was worth the effort and money?
  10. We are looking for a place to boon dock one night on the way to SW Utah from Iowa and one on the way back, probably off or very near I80 in western NE, could use some guidance!
  11. We just started towing a toad (2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited) this year. We haven't yet started using a brake system, but I can tell we could really use one. I am considering all systems, but like the idea of the Roadmaster InvisiBrake, because I don't want to put in and take it out all the time. was wondering a few things: 1, Is it difficult to install myself? 2. If I understand it correctly this system is not proportional. isn't that a bad thing? 3. Is there anything else (pro or con) I should know, (i.e., is there anything else I need to buy besides the brake system itself).
  12. We are on our way from Iowa to Canyon Lands/ Arches National parks. 1/2 way would be somewhere around Sterling CO, the closer to the interstate 76 the better. Would really like a pull through site and a pool.
  13. I am also looking at a Jeep, can the tow plates be mounted on a front end like this one?
  14. Thanks everybody, appreciate the wisdom. We are going to Utah, Arizona for the family vacation. I am thinking a Wrangler unlimited is the way for us to go.
  15. We are looking to buy a toad. We have had our gas class A for almost a year and rented cars last year, it worked, but was very troublesome. Because our tow capacity isn't that of a pusher I am concerned that our car or choice (we are looking at Wranglers) would be too much for what we can do. So, I guess I have 2 questions, the first has anybody flat towed a wrangler or wrangler unlimited behind a v10 class A? The second, any leads on where to look to buy a jeep already set up to tow?
  16. we are planning our first trip ton Arizona with a focus on the Grand Canyon. we are National Park junkies, can you make any suggestions for places to stay, places to visit, and things to try?

  17. We are planning to spend a week or so driving around the canyon, staying a day or two at a time. Does any one have experience with that? Also planning on spending a couple days in the Painted Desert. Would love recommendations as we have never been to the area before.
  18. thanks Herman, but it didnt work out. its almost like there is no tension when it is locked. i was thinking about trying to add s strip of weather seal to the space between the back of the slider and the channel it slides into. any thoughts?
  19. We have a 2011 Daybreak. Depending on which way the cross wind is blowing either the pilot or co-pilot sliding windows will produce a fair amount of noise. they can actually move/vibrate enough that Ii have rattled the lock loose from the outside just by placing my hand on the window and shaking it. the noise is annoying, but the ability to bypass the window lock so easily is scary. Don't have a great deal of confidence in the dealer to fix the problem. Aany idea on fixes or adjustments?
  20. Last trip to the east coast I used my smart phone (Galaxy S3) as a WiFi hot spot so my wife could work as Ii drove. Also used the FMCA mobile AP to look up campgrounds. This last week I was forced to upgrade to a S4, and I can't get the FMCA to load correctly, I keep getting funky error messages. If anybody knows the fix for that I would love to hear it! Long story short I also have the Coach Net AP on my phone, and its super easy, it automatically knows our position and can call for the specific kind of help we need at the touch of a button. Was able to find more local amenities with the smart phone than I was with our new Garmin RV GPS., In fact my GPS is linked to my smart phone via blue tooth so I can watch the weather radar as we roll and get local traffic updates. Having traveled without and now with, I would hate to give it up.
  21. We would like to cover our stairwell. The entry is the mid-coach type class A, as you walk through the door, the euro recliner is on the right and the kitchen sink cabinet is on the left, just up from floor level as you walk in on the back side of the sink cabinet is all the light and convenience switches. We would love to hear what others have done! Kind of the big deal as we are hoping to travel with the grandbaby.
  22. We ended up stopping on the way back at the RV Museum, it was GREAT! Would go back again! We also stopped at a Chicago Suburb for our favorite Chicago style pizza, Giordono's was only miles off I 80. Long story short the way back was a lot of fun. Unfortunately the way there was not so much-- we drove it straight through over night and through the biggest rain storm I have ever seen. We drove almost 900 miles of rain, 1/2 hour in the windshield wipers broke. I finally fixed them at a truck stop in PA, but it was a long way with no wipers! Found out i cannot sleep at rest areas. Tried to get a couple hours of shut eye, no dice.
  23. Anyone try the TomTom VIA 1605 M RV? We have the standard model that we are using in our class A and aren't sure if its worth spending the money on a RV specific model and if so which one.
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