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  1. CarlAda is correct for Active Duty and Retired but also 100% disabled veterans are included.
  2. Hi, I just replaced both headlights with these from Amazon. The lights are still dimmer than would like and I will look at different bulbs next. My lights were glossed over and cleaning kits didn't help much.. https://www.amazon.com/Eagle-Eyes-FR380-B001L-Lincoln-Driver/dp/B003SYYUF6/ref=au_as_r?_encoding=UTF8&Make=Lincoln|55&Model=Navigator|711&Year=2002|2002&ie=UTF8&n=15684181&newVehicle=1&s=automotive&vehicleId=10&vehicleType=automotive 2005 Country Coach Allure 34'
  3. I grew up in Worcester and was stationed in Marine Barracks Boston and Chelsea Naval Hospital. The driving can be tough but it is better than 5 or so years ago. Like any other large city, if you know where you are going it will be ok, but if you don't know where you are going you will be in the wrong lane many times..
  4. 1. George Anderson 2. USMC: 1st Recon A Company 1966-1967, M60 Machine gunner 3. Chelsea Navel Hospital 1967-1968: Marine Liaison 4. E 5, SNCOIC at Marine Laision Office Chelsea Navel Hospital 5. Marine Barracks Boston Thanks to all of you for your service George Anderson aka: NKgunner, Sgt Andy and Moose
  5. Thanks to all who answered this post! I put a Single Battery Disconnect Switch (on/off) at the negative wire coming to the battery bank. I disconnected all the batteries and checked each one with the volt meter before connecting the switch. All were reading the same voltage. I wire brushed every connection and put dialectic grease on all the terminals and reattached everything. All is good. I ran the genny and it is now at 12.8 volts at the batteries. I have put the Single Battery Disconnect Switch OFF along with the salesman switch OFF. I will check the voltage in a few days and see where we are... Camping World had a 300 amp switch and a large blade on/off. I purchased both and ended up installing the 300 amp switch. Single Battery Disconnect Switch Catalog Item # 69568 Thanks again guys! George
  6. Hi Guy's, I will go to the storage lot tomorrow and pull it forward so i can open the trays and make sure nothing is on. I will check my meter, it is a pretty new and good one. There is no electric at this storage location, it is a nice place and the owners are super so we want to store the unit while at the house. I will pull up a chair and clean all the Blade connections and put some diealectric grease when I reconnect them. I will take her out for a good run and have the batteries at 100% and then see what Lifeline has to say..I have read just about everything lifeline has on their web site, also did searches.. Will see about disconnecting the Ground connection and test later..a couple of days.. Thanks a bunch....great folks on this site.. George aka: Gunner, Sgt Andy
  7. Hi Kaypsmith, The coach new had (4) 6Volt batteries when new and the PO had to have the battery tray rebuilt and they put in the Lifeline batteries at that time, 7/11.. I will be checking with Lifeline on Monday to see what they have to say on a test or why they are acting the way they are. We arrived in FL on Wed and went to the storage area, batteries at 100%, at 4PM. Thursday back to the coach around 2PM and the batteries were at 75%. On Friday we went back and the batteries were at 50%. I started the genny and ran for about 1 hour..Back on Saturday and they were at 50%. The battery disconnect was OFF...Nothing was on. The batteries are VERY expensive and are rated super but should have longer life for what they are..They have been drained due to power outage a few times...but. George 2005 Country Coach allure 430
  8. I figured out what batteries I now have: Lifeline GPL-4DL, 12V, Blade terminals, Sizes checked, 19.05 long x 8.03 wide. A couple of distributors about 65 miles from us...Price is hard to swallow..Will wait until Monday and make some calls.. Sams club will not install.. Thanks for the help.. Gunner http://i1062.photobucket.com/albums/t484/nkgunner/lifeline%20GPL%204DL_zpsc593eapo.jpg
  9. Hi, I thought I put the coach info in.. 2005 Country Coach Allure 430, DP. I will go to the coach this morning and take a pic of the batteries. Because of a bad back adding the water is an issue. Thanks
  10. Hi Wildebill308, Not sure of the make of the battery, since the label is facing inward. They are sealed and are AGM according to the PO..8.5w x 19L..
  11. I will need 4 new house batteries. I have read many posts about the different batteries and I am still confused.. Looking at 6 Volt Golf Cart AGM..Better than buying 12volt? Some Mfg's do not have dealers in the area..I would like to buy where they will remove the old ones and install the new ones...(bad back) In the Ocala FL area and I have checked with some RV locations and they are at crazy prices.. Your thoughts... Thanks, George
  12. Thanks guys..I think I will go ahead and do the TV's. Will see what DirecTV or Dish have to say about boxes..I hope it works out like newnar05 did...THANKS!
  13. We want to upgrade to Flat Screen TV with KVH TracVision L2/S2 but after speaking with a dealer of the KVH products they say it will be a BIG job. First KVH L2/S2 is no longer updateable/supported by them and are obsolete. The coach has DirecTV with (2) converters. The previous owners disconnected them and there are no instructions for them. We have DirecTV Genie at home and were planning on putting them in the coach when traveling. Has anyone replaced the old TV's with flat screens using the KVH L2/S2? What do I need to do to make it happen? OR.... Just buy a portable unit and forget the roof mount KVH.. George 2005 34' Country Coach Allure 430 2012 Honda CRV
  14. Went to the coach this morning and set all the settings on the control to the defaults according to the manuals. Started the Generator from the control panel and after it was running, switched ON the AC in zone 1 and the AC in zone 2 OFF. I took a walk outside and checked some things and the AC started and ran fine..Really didn't change anything....Go figure Thanks for all the help, guys! George
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