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  1. I've got 12,750 miles on my 2013 with the ISB6.7. Fantastic product. I've hated Cummins for 40 years. I sold for Cat and Detriot Diesel. This ISB is a tremendous product. I'm now considering a Dodge Pick UP. Buy it you cannot go wrong. We get around 11 mpg with a toad. The VGT works great.
  2. I have a Palazzo by Thor. The support people are great but I have gotten on a voice recognition basis with them. I an think of no reason to ever buy another Thor product.
  3. Really cool info but so what? I used to work for a guy that said "if you have to check the gas mileage, you can't afford it". I suscribe to that theory. It will not change what you do or how you operate your coach if the cost per mile is $1.00 or $2.00. Drive it and enjoy.
  4. You will be amazed at how much more comfortable an A is vs a C. Much quieter and less radiated engine heat.
  5. Mandy, I'm sorry that I have not responded to your question sooner but I seldom read this forum. I own a 2013 Palazzo 36.1. Here is what we like: 1. the floor plan 2. the large basement door 3. the mud room 4. the Freightliner chassis 5. the Thor helpline and support 6. lots of storage Here is the short list of what we dislike: 1. the shoddy workmanship and poor cabinetry 2. two black tanks 3. the schwintek slide mechanisms 4. the cheap components 5. noisy airconditioners 6. air mattresses 7. very poor dealer support from Camping World I would not buy one with the knowledge I now have. I suggest your visit iRV2.com and read comments from all of the dissatisfied owners of Palazzos
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