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  1. Thanks for the reply. I towed the Acadia on a short trip and had no issues.
  2. Recently purchased a 2019 GMC Acadia Denali. I intend to tow it behind a 2019 Tiffin 36LA. I am interested in any comments FMCA members may have for me. The manual says it is set-up to tow 4 down, and I went through the procedures with the sales rep and a tech. Thanks in advance for any advice or comments.
  3. We see there are two main issues here; very poor quality workmanship at the manufacturer, A/C, and no after the sale service from Lazy Days. You might consider hiring a lawyer to write a letter to Lazy Days with a copy to A/C listing all the "warranty" issues that must be addressed. Do not threaten a lawsuit, just request the issues be addressed in a timely manner. Many times just a letter from a lawyer is enough to show that you mean business. Assuming Lazy Days is an authorized service center they should address and fix all your issues. If for some reason they elect not to perform warranty service then ask A/C where you can take the coach for repair. I feel for you and do not want to second guess your purchase decision. "Buyer be ware" is a legal term, but manufacturer's warranties should be addressed and fixed properly.
  4. As a side note to this topic those of us who have gasoline units will see a significant decrease in power at altitude. Has anyone turbo charged or supercharged a newer Ford V10 362 HP engine? If so what are the approx costs and what issues can be caused by doing so?
  5. I feel your pain. I stayed at Dakota Ridge a while back. In guiding me into the campsite they guided my motorhome into a tree. I know as a driver I am responsible but I was following the directions of the attendant. To make matters worse I got zapped by low voltage and lost one leg of my 50 amp A/C circuit. The owners of this park deny everything and would not even discount my stay of two nights by even a penny. Needless to say anything I can do to keep folks from staying there is my mission.
  6. If you cannot get space in the GC RV park then I highly recommend Grand Canyon Railway RV Park in Williams, AZ. We have stayed there several times, you park on asphalt in a very clean park. Yes there can be a lot of kids but most parks have that in the summer.
  7. We have Sumo springs, rear trac bar, and Safe-T-Plus steering cylinder. The ride is great. It will cost you some bucks but well worth the ride improvement.
  8. Bank of the West is our lender also. We are retired and had no problem securing financing. Your credit score and total retirement income will mean a lot when it comes to credit.
  9. I also have a Safe-T-Plus on my coach along with Sumo Springs and a rear track bar. This 2015 Tiffin Allegro Open Road gasoline 36LA drives better than my old 2008 H/R Ambassador with eight air bags. Go figure.
  10. If it is just the two of you why would you want to haul around a huge grill. The portable Weber's will cook almost all you can eat at one time. Also weigh equals lower MPG.
  11. If you do not mind dry camping you can stay at the McCormick Place Marshalling Yard. It has a security gate and is right in the heart of downtown.
  12. We always used a clothespin ( got the info on this forum ) and also put a plastic cup upside down over the brake knob. Never had a problem with our mini Aussie releasing the brake.
  13. Our HOA allows street parking for 48 hours for loading/unloading. The streets are rather narrow and the concern is emergency vehicles getting through. If one RV is parked on the street no problem. But it is possible that 2 RV's may be parked in such a way that emergency vehicles may not be able to respond. Our streets are public. I called the police to inquire what they would do and they deferred to the HOA. I guess all these CCR's are for our own protection and to keep up the property values. It is a shame if the HOA does not have the resources to uphold the covenants.
  14. I have the SMI Duo braking system. I also tow a 2013 CRV 4 down. The SMI system is permanent in your vehicle so all you do is hook up everything on the outside. Prior to the DUO I had a rig with air brakes and used SMI's Air Force One system with no issues. Also their customer service is great and you get to talk to a live person.
  15. Look for a Honda CRV 2014 or older. The 2015's are not towable. We have towed our DVR thousands of miles with no issues.
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