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  1. Thank you so much for your replies, we are helping out our kids with finding one to buy. They found a really nice National RV similar to ours on a Freightliner chassis so all is well. Thanks for your time
  2. 2006 Fleetwood Revolution LE Thank you for you response, I hope I have it right now
  3. Is a Spartan chassis good? Any problems with it?
  4. Hello everyone, has anyone tried the towing service that is offered through FMCA? I am wondering if it is good so I can sign up. Thanks
  5. The Harford is very good and the prices are very good also, we gave them our RV, autos and home and they gave us a good deal. Very good custumer care
  6. Will be in Quartzsite AZ from Jan 4th 2014 to Feb 4Th 2014 helping out our friends who own a store/booth there called Games4U we love it there the RV show is great and the whole month there is a ton of vendors. We always meet a bunch of other RVers and we chat about our rigs and just have fun walking around, socializing and chatting... we go every year. We camp in town with full hookups but a group of our friends stays a few days in the desert... huge campfire, food sharing, and lots of laughter, great fun.
  7. We have been using the Pilot/Flying J card for over a year now and we try use anytime we can for both our car and diesel RV. We save 6 cents a gallon on Diesel and that makes a difference if you are taking a very long trip. We have always found them easy to use and very friendly
  8. We have a warranty very pleased with it, have had to use it twice and no problem encountered. I agree with the previous comment took it to dealer to fix had to go twice the first time they did not do everything we needed.
  9. Hi, we want to intall an Air Force One brake System on our Saturn Vue and we are not mechanics at all. Is it usually installed by a professional? Can you buy one online and take it somewhere to be installed? Can anyone recommend a place to either buy/have installed or just have installed in the Inland Empire, in California? Thanks for your input. Jose and Karen
  10. We have very light cream colored captain’s chairs in the front for the driver and the passenger, when we are camped we turn them around so they are facing the living room and more people can sit, plus it makes for seeing the view easier. When people go in and out they tend to grab on to some part of the seat (especially my 4 year old grandson) and this leaves dirt on them or.... kitty likes to jump up on the top and we are afraid of little claw pricks. So far we cover them with heavy blankets that match but we would rather have something that is made for them if possible and we would prefer not to have a seamstress special make it.
  11. so you like the convection oven? this is the first one I have had, am a little afraid of it..... I will definitely try it for Thanksginving and I hope/am sure it will work out well. It has to be a great day as our family and 3 1/2 year old grandson will be there, it does not get much better than that. Thanks for the response.
  12. This year for the first time we are going to spend Thanksgiving in the RV with family. I am debating ... cook the turkey on Wednesday and reheat it in the motorhome? Or cook it in the motorhome? Or buy a pre-cooked one. The pre-cooked seems boring. Am leaning towards cooking on Wednesday. What do you do?
  13. Probably we should call you "smart" instead of "trash" huh?
  14. We carry a fair amount of glasses and cups when we travel. We have them wrapped with that spongy stuff and placed in the cabinet. I would appreciate some ideas for making them safer/easier to access. Same goes for the plates and bowls. How do you store yours?
  15. before I purchased my new RV, we stayed in a luxury motorhome park in Lebanon, OR. I wondered what they would say about my older RV when the first thing I saw was two 40-foot Marathons all decked out and towing full-size Hummers. When we went in to get a spot they had an employee come out and walk around our RV before they checked us out. We passed and got a nice spot more toward the back. I asked the person what the criteria was and they said no paint falling off and generally it should not look like the motorhome was falling apart. That was actually one of the funnest places we have stayed -- golf course, great steak restaurant, paper at your door in the morning and very friendly campers to talk to.
  16. Tom and Louise, I do agree with what you said. We do like to be free and go to different places and do whatever comes to mind that day. We are not going to retire for another couple of years and then we plan to travel two to three months at a time, come back home to stay a while and see the girls and our grandson and off again. As far as cost goes, those membership resorts are very expensive; it would probably take a long time to spend that much in camping fees at individual parks. Good thought you posed: No, it did not have the same open and free-spirited feeling as the Oregon parks or as national parks do. Good food for thought. Thanks
  17. Recently we went to a sales pitch at a Thousand Trails campground. We were not that impressed with the one we toured, but did think that if you get the whole package they are trying to sell, it becomes expensive. We also felt that they do have some nice sites, but is it worth it to tie yourself into something like that? Or would it be better to just go around free? One good thing: We did get $100 in free gas and a nice three days, so our stay was worth it.
  18. Recently we had our oil changed at Camping World and all went very smoothly, very timely and nice people. Before going there to have it changed, I called several places for pricing. One of the ones I contacted was EconoLube, as we had driven by it right behind Camping World and seen an ad in their window saying they offered this service. We looked at each other and said, "I don't think EconoLube would be very experienced in this?" Then we thought, well, maybe they could be as they are right behind Camping World and there are a ton of RVs in that area, so what the heck? You can't loose anything with a call. Here's how it went ... "Econo Lube, May I help you?" "Yes, I would like to know the price of an oil change for a National RV TropiCal class A diesel motorhome that is 36' long, please." "Oh, that would be $42.99" "Are you sure? That does not seem right." "I'm new here. Let me ask my manager..." yelling goes on... "Hey, Joe, how much is an oil change for a motorhome? "Excuse me, sir? Tell him it is a class A Diesel ..." "Hang on, Joe, Mam? I don't think that makes a diffence? It's just a standard motorhome, right? By now, of course I know that I am not taking it here, but I am amused so I keep on. "Just tell him please? It might make a difference." "I don't think so but ok ..." Hey, Joe, it's a Class A diesel 36'. "Ohhhhh," said Joe, that's way different, "$75. Then I said, "It is very tall like a bus. Can it fit in the bay?" "No problem. We can go as high as 9.5 or 10' we are well set up here. "Will you be over today?" "I will let you know, but actually you guys better check your facts and your setup. You can't handle RVs at all." Then we went to Camping World. Always ask a bunch of questions. You never know what response you will get, and by the way ... what exactly is just a standard motorhome?
  19. While you are driving? That sounds interesting ... might try it.
  20. We always take our kitty Reno with us on the longer trips and we have one of those cat carriers that attaches to wheels so that you can stroll them around while you are parked. We put him in the carrier and attach it with bungi cords so that in case of sudden stop he does not fly forward. The carrier is mesh and he is in the space between the two front seats so he is happy being near us and most of the time naps. Any better/other ways you are doing it?
  21. Just a curiosity on my part: Do you always make everyone in the RV wear a seat belt on a long trip? I am of the idea that you should, but several of my friends strongly think that the purpose of traveling in an RV is to be comfortable. They say you should be able to lie on the couch and so forth ... What do you think?
  22. Hey, we did not have any window cleaner and the window was really dirty so we sprayed it with water and used one of those Wow Shams that you see advertised on TV to wipe it. Much to our surprise, it was spotless! You can buy them at the home shows or RV shows and sometimes at the swapmeets.
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