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  1. Thanks Ray.......Duh.....why haven't I thought of this????? This is Indy Glenn BTW from iRV2..... Tale care, g
  2. Hello - - - I was thinking of purchasing this product. Seems fairly easy and straight forward to use. This thread does not seem complete. What is missing? Any other info you can share? Thanks in advance, Glenn
  3. We take our Airedale Terrier.......taking our pet along is the reason we have a motor home. A pet is a responsibility, pick up after, keep them cool or warm, control barking, and always remember: "I have never met a bad dog, just bad owners!" g
  4. As an update......now they are in the planning stages of combining the AAFES PX and the commissary. DoD claims they are not being utilized by soldiers and retirees. Not sure what or who has been behind all this but think how cheap cigarettes were in the commissary versus the PX. Then they removed cigs from the commissary. Class VI was always the cheap place for adult refreshments - now they are closed and you have to go to the PX. To me - it's all about the $$. As more non-vets get into the decision stream - our benefits shrink and a profit must be shown. It is a shame to say, Walmart and Costco are the the PX/Commissary as they are both often cheaper. But "they" have no memories of getting paid once per month, in cash from the pay master, then making tracks to the commissary for your monthy stash of smokes , then the Class VI for beverages. Glad I do.....it was a right of passage! g
  5. We were at Anchor Down 2 years ago and go back this September for a couple of weeks. It was a great park back then and seems to keep getting better. They had just finished the "new" dog park when we were there last time and our pup was one of the first to use it. Looks like they have expanded some sites down by the dog park. The basket ball and pickle ball courts were just being finished when we left on our last visit. That was August 2016. Nice to hear they are now renting pontoons, we had to go into Dandrige last time. Did you happen to try the Taste of Dandridge restaurant? Really great home cooking. We will be in site 29 this year.. Take care, Glenn
  6. Starting to put our 2019 trips on paper. Thinking about attending the International in Perry. What do I need to know? We have been to a couple regional rallies, GLAMARAMA in the Great Lakes region. they were fun. Does Perry have 50amp, FHU sites? Thanks in advance for your thoughts... g
  7. Thanks Joe.........it certainly gives me more food for thought! I priced up a total Blue Ox Tow Bar system, from tow bar to brake - came to about $3300 - about the same as a top of the line new tow dolly. This of course is without installation. Thanks again.........and yes - I have air brakes. Glenn
  8. Glenn Nulty Army National Guard 30 years - 1970 thru 2000 - 5 years part-time troop, 25 years Active Guard/Reserve Retired as Sergeant Major Field Artillery Surveyor 82C, Military Pay Specialist 73C, Senior a Personnel NCO 75Z, Recruiting & Retention NCO 79Z, Career Counselor MOS unkmown New York State & Indiana
  9. Interested with your experience with flat towing a 2014 Ford Explorer Limited 4 Wheel Drive vehicle. What electric brake did you install? We are new to RVing and have 2 vehicles to choose to tag along. One is small at 2600lbs and needs a tow dolly the 2nd is the Ford Explorer and weighs about 4600lbs. Some considerations are towing 2600 versus 4600lbs. Our motor home has a 5000lbs rated hitch. From reading, flat towing is much easier than the dolly. Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Glenn
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