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  1. It seems this system has major management issues. Elk Meadow in Estes Park has been pretty much run into the ground and is one of the most customer unfriendly parks we've been to in 6 years of full-timing. Looking at their operation I just have to wonder if maybe is there some ulterior motive to chasing customers off? Is there some Colorado law that you can't change property usage unless you go broke?
  2. We spent a few weeks there last winter. Its an OK place. Older park, narrow one lane roads but still maneuverable. Lots of grass sites, nicer concrete sites can be had for a price. I'd say the activities, entertainment etc compared favorably to where we've wintered in Arizona. But those do take place in older facilities. Staff seems to be trying real hard to make it better . I was working on a couple major projects for the coach so I appreciated convenient access to a Home Depot, Lowes, Tractor Supply, RV parts and a pretty good hardware store.
  3. I'd have to go look up my rvparkreview of a couple years ago but in addition to the lack of level I found a low voltage condition on the 50 amp circuit. Also showed on adjacent vacant sites. Fortunately, weather was such we could get along on 30 so I didn't try 50 to see what might happen. But because of those 2 items I'd check the site before I pulled in. Then again if they aren't going to let you switch ..... Actually, if and when we go back I'd already figured I'd go with the Indian dry camp sites.
  4. I'm not sure that constitutes a recommmendation. Its like advertising, they accept ad $ , they accept vendor fees. Don't know what if any 'quality control' is involved.
  5. I think that's what we have and it works well for carrying the bikes but it does make it a pain to stow and unstow the blue ox tow bar.
  6. Sounds like I was lucky to get almost all my premium back in claims. They did pay off on items that were clearly covered but it was usually a real struggle involving not a little aggravation and lots of persistence. When they didn't pay off it was due to something I could find on reviewing the fine print. I thought the $0 deductible for parts on work you do yourself was a good deal until I realized it was my own money I was getting back. Definitely not a customer-friendly operation. I agree having them at rallys does give them some degree of respectability they don't deserve - but to what degree is the sponsoring organization (FMCA, Escapees, Good Sam etc) responsible for figuring out if the company is a problem (and how would they do that) and to what extent is the individual responsible? I guess it would be similar to advertising in the magazine - do you take anyones money and if not what are the standards?
  7. Even during the week looking at routes I find that 8 or 9 out of 10 Passport America parks don't meet my needs. Usually its bad reviews, seems like Passport has a whole lot of poorly rated parks. My thinking there being its only one night but its not worth saving $10 or $15 to find out if its tolerable for a night. But it also can be inconvenient location if I'm moving through and looking for a place to light for the night. Or as noted, seasonal / day of week restrictions. Its those 1 or 2 other times that makes Passport worth it to me. Covers membership and then some.
  8. We tow a 09 CRV, battery would get a little weak if we towed for a couple of (5-7 hour) days. Once when I was exceptionally ambitous I got all the parts to make up a fuse switch but since running the CRV daily takes care of the problem I haven't bothered to put it together.
  9. I know what you mean. I am not at all impressed with the new medical evacuation policy relative to the previous. Two apparent differences that jumped out at me were no return of grandkids, dependents only and no return of motorhome if that could be done by traveling companion. Both of which I think were provided for with the Medex policy. So if something happens to me and have grandkids and wife along. Then its up to us to get grandkids and motorhome back where they belong. Since the policy was a significant attraction to me and I'm looking at having to now purchase the coverage I likely won't renew. Greg
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