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  1. Thanks Brett for feedback. Phil Cowen
  2. Attended a RV show in Chicago this weekend. Talked with a REV/Fleetwood sales rep and he indicated Ford is discounting the 10 cylinder 6.8 gas engine, we did not discuss F53 chaise. Curious if anyone else has heard similar news and what will be replacement? ‘Thanks, Phil Cowen 2014 Bounder 35K
  3. I keep my rig plugged in while in storage. Noticed my energy management system was reading no power. Started by confirming power was getting to rig from outlet. Checked disconnects and no problem. Started my generator and energy management system picked up this power source. Typically when on shore power after plugging in hear a relay switch click in surge protector and energy management system displays power source and ampage. While trouble shooting did not hear click sound today in surge protector. Wanted to reach out to see if there are any other issues I should check before scheduling service apt. Responses greatly appreciated. Phil Cowen
  4. Thanks for the reply’s. Called RMV/Fleetwood today and got the drawings. There is a check valve that I will take a look at and will let you know if I solved the problem. Got a laugh from Herman reply, we hit 27 below zero last year in northern Illinois. Again thank you all and any more ideas or info greatly appreciated.
  5. Good afternoon. Need some help on pumping antifreeze into my motorhome. Have dropped all tanks (fresh, grey, black) and drained water heater. Moved water heater (one valve) to bypass and proceeded to use tubing near water pump to suck antifreeze into water system. Noticed antifreeze coming out of water heater. Pulled bypass valves and inspected it is working and seems fine. Reinstalled and tried again and again antifreeze coming out of water heater. Any thoughts as to what I am doing wrong?
  6. Bill I will be starting from Chicago. Know the route to Buffalo but was curious if needed to exit turnpike to get gas. Thanks for feedback. Phil
  7. Heading to Bar Harbor and curious if oasis on I-90 in NY & Mass are rv friendly for filling up. 37’ Bounder towing a 2014 CRV. any feedback greatly appriecated. Phil Cowen
  8. Lynn: I tow a 2014 CRV. Agree with comments in regards to your question if you do not move transmission handel during 8 hour window you do not have to go through procedure until 8 hours. I usually use 7 max before repeating. Use roadmaster fuse switch and it help battery life, plus I have invisibrake and if I turn coach lights on it trickle charges battery. Phil
  9. Roland: ‘I looked hard at gas class A’s. Came down to Tiffin 36LA and Fleetwood Bounder 35K. Went with Bounder do to inability to justify cost difference of between coaches. Bought in 2014 and have put 25,000 mile on coach. Major additional investments were on suspension of coach, 4 down towing rigging, and TPMS. Wife still wants a washer and dryer. Most of the problems experienced with coach have been like a slow drip, after intital debugging something alwayseems to go wrong. Point is consider dealer support in you equation. regards, Phil
  10. I have a 2014 Fleetwood Bounder. I keep it stored outdoors in the Chicago area. Preparing for a trip to Yosemite and when I got to lp systèms the shut off valve leaked gas. Tank is horizontal and was filled (75%·)during winterizing in fall. Contacted my dealer and had them order the parts to fix shut off valve. Today after delivering coach for service got a call that tank is venting/draining slowly in 30 to 35 degree temps. Curious on feedback as to slow venting in these conditions. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. To to clarify what I am looking for is should it take days (as per vendor) or hours to drain/vent a full lp tank in 30 to 35 degree weather?
  11. I tow same year CRV with a 2014 Bounder. Roadmaster set up with their invisibrake system. 15,000 mile towed and no problems with the invisibrake. Unit is installed under drivers seat and if I sell car would have to have it removed. Pleased with brake system and eas of use.
  12. Spring break is coming. We are headed to Yosemite from Chicago. Plan on taking southern itinerary (primarily I-40) in our 2014 Bounder towing a CRV. We did same route to Grand Canyon last year. Once I get west of Flaggstaff curious for feedback as best route to Yosemite to avoid elevations, planning on working over to Bakersfield before heading north to Fresno.
  13. I will be due intermixing my unit soon. Ideally I would like to being to sanitize water system after flushing antifreeze. Are there any guidelines for time I can leave water tank with bleach mixed in. Could be a week before I get on road to agitate the system. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Bought A 2014 Fleetwood Bounder 35K floor plan. It has a bath and 1/2. Came down to this and Tiffins with a similar floor plan. Bought at year ending model switch over and got a good deal. Both coaches new would be in your price range but agree with a lot of the comments about buying a used one - at your price point should be a lot of options. We are very happy with our Bounder but having a manufacturing background I believe in good engineering and Fleetwood is in middle of pack.
  15. Are there any thoughts on using hitch pins with locks versus clips. Had a clip stolen in a Florida rest area, luckily I ID'ed the problem before hitting the road and had a spare. Worry with locks is keeping lock clean and getting on or off easily. Any feedback greatly appreciated. Phil
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