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    I have used Marin RV Park and SF RV Resort Both are pricey but fairly secure. Make sure your wallet is full, as the whole area is very expensive. Hope this helps.
  2. Had this problem after I changed a Leece Neville alternator to a Delco Remy. I believe the Leece Neville ignition wire terminal has a diode that prevents power back to ignition switch. After changing to Delco Remy alternator, coach would not shut off as you describe. Power was back feeding from alternator to ignition switch preventing engine shutdown. I installed a diode, in line, on ignition terminal on back of alternator. This fixed problem. In your case, the diode in your alternator may have failed and is allowing power back to switch. To check and see if this is your problem, locate ignition wire by turning on switch, and finding hot wire. When switch is off you should not have any power at end of wire that hooks to ignition terminal. Also by disconnecting this wire from terminal when coach is running, engine should shut down if this is your problem. Hope this helps.
  3. Safeco Insurance

    Might try State Auto. When I got my quotes they were the lowest cost of several companies including Safeco. Have had two comp claims and no problems with State Auto. Hope this helps.
  4. Looking for Michelin 12R 22.5 Tires

    Bill, just received 8 new 12R 22.5 Michelin XZE. Were on backorder for several months. Date codes were 2916, only 3 weeks old. Mine were bought in Grand Junction CO. I believe they are back in production now! Hope this helps in your search for new tires! Frank B.