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  1. I run super singles on a country coach they are great and the cool factor is a plus they are Goodyear 445 22.5
  2. Most RVers are buying solar systems that are not doing what they want or expect. If you are buying a 10 or 150 watt solar system and are running lead acid or agm batteries, the push back or resistance from your battery makes the charging from your panels almost nothing. If you are going to spend the money and you are going to count on the power for boondocking make sure you get something that is going to work. One thing for sure solar is not cheap but a good system pays for itself. Get a good system and you will be happier and further ahead. I have been researching lithium batteries and they are way better and well worth the money. Tim
  3. Anyone have any experience with the C - 15 Cat in 02 - 05 Country Coach good or bad?
  4. Looking at purchasing a Acme tow dolly. I tow different vehicles so need a dolly anyone else used one and has input would appreciate any comments. Towing with a 45 ft Thanks
  5. I have a 38 ft country coach with super singles on it they are Goodyear 445 and they are fantastic smother ride and I ran a 4000 mile run on them no problem. Could you have a problem running a single tire, sure but from what I have learned they are a stronger better tire than singles and RV'ers don't run the weight or the demand on a tire that otr truckers do. I see the super singles on a lot of big rigs and a lot of fuel delivery tankers, if they are safe for fuel delivery they are probably safe for my coach and no they are not a 1000 each they run around 5 - 600 a tire and good luck trying to wear a set out and the bonus is they look cool as a nascar coming at ya I love my super singles happy clamping to all. Timthecarguy
  6. New to motorhoming but not to battery use, have used lead acid and agms both OK , but switched mine 1986 Country Coach to a new stye lithium, yes its more to purchase but you get 2 1/2 times the useable power and 10 times the life with no memory. I replaced 4 8d agms with 340 amp hrs each total 1360 amp hrs at a cost of 1600.00 with 1 each 2.6 kwhr, 2.6 kwhr or 2600amp hr lithium 12v with 94% useful power not 40- 65% like my agms after a short time. My lithium has 3000 cycles verses 3-400 in the other batteries and it charges of my solar or my coach charger,and heres the price only 2000.00, a little more in the beginning but way cheaper in the long run ,I was so happy with mine I became a dealer, installer for them plus they have a 5 year pro rated warranty , they are the future , no water no maintenance. I don't know everything about them but I have learned a lot and am happy to share and help feel free to email me timthecarguy@gmail.com happy camping to all.
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