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  1. This is smarksel (Steve) again. It turns out that this was just condensation due to the hot Hydra-Hot hoses lying across the the top of the propane tank.
  2. smarksel

    RVA jacks

    I have RVA jacks on my 2001 Safari RV. One of my jacks will go down, but intermittently will not come up. I don't think it is a faulty switch because I have a set of switches in the cockpit and another set of switches by the motor. If I play with the switch long enough, the jack will finally retract. The jacks are hydraulic, using Dextron II. Is there a solenoid or release valve that could be sticking? RVA is permanently closed.
  3. My tachometer needle intermittently swings wildly, then settles down again. When settled down, it is accurate. It seems to swing wildly (sometimes but not always) when I depress the accelerator. When I release the accelerator, it goes back to normal readings. I have a 2001 Safari with a Cummins ISC 350 and an Allison transmission. Any ideas?
  4. Thanks Herman The level in the over flow reservoir is just below the low mark when cold and between the two marks when hot. Functionally, it works very well. I cannot get it to leak again. Steve
  5. I have a 2001 Safari with the Hydro-hot system. While in sub-freezing weather in Williams, Az two months ago, I had a pool of anit-freeze under the RV, about 1/5 way back from the front, under the propane tank, adjacent to the Hydro-hot system. I cannot get it to leak since. I've even had it in the RV shop where they ran the Hydo-hot system for hours, also, no leak! I then thought it might be from the dash heater, so I ran that for about 45 minutes, again, no leakage. Any ideas why it may have leaked under 30 degree weather one time and not since. The pool of anti-freeze was about 18" in diameter when it leaked. Steve
  6. I tried to do some trouble shooting, running the Hydro-Hot system and heaters in both the front and rear of the coach. I could not get the system to leak. The only heater I could not get to run was the basement due to the 85 degree temperature. Can anyone tell me if the system only circulates fluid to the specific heaters operating at the time and that are demanding it? When in Williams, it leaked and formed a large puddle under the coach, but the temperature was around 30 degrees and I assume the basement unit was running at the time.
  7. I have a 2001 Safari with a Hydro-hot system that is leaking Hyro-hot fluid in the line going to the front heat register. Any recommendations on repairing the line?
  8. I also have a Safari (2001) Ivory X. When in dry storage, my batteries went down to 11.6V after a few weeks. I have four 6V AGM batteries. I notice that when the main 12V switch is on and nothing is running, I'm drawing 3 - 4 amps from the 12V system. Does this seem high. Sometimes, it will go to 0 amps for a few minutes, then back up to 3 - 4 amps. Any ideas? Thanks Steve S
  9. I have a 2001 Safari with the ISC 350 Cummins motor. I'm having to add about a quart of oil every 2000 to 2500 miles. I do not notice any power loss and there are no drips, however there is some oil residue on the breather hose under the motor. I'm told by the Cummins shop the this is not of great concern but would like to know if anyone else is experiencing this and what they are doing (if anything) about it. Steve
  10. Is it OK to use biodiesel fuels found in many truck stops in my 2001 ISC350 motorhome motor?
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