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  1. With a 10,00 lb rated tow bar I should be able to tow 2 Jeep Rubicons, right? Oh, there is that GCWR again, it applies to to the hitch and tow bar! Dang!
  2. Been gone too long! we have Winegard Travler Dish sat on the roof and Hopper 1?, first one. anything recorded at home comes with the Hopper to the RV.. the dongle allows us to record any over the air if for some reason it is not on sat. Can watch one channel while recording 2 other channels. looking into Hopper3, will have to modify the sat dish, not hard.
  3. I know one person that has them And no issues in two years. They are glued down, not removable. More expensive than rigid panels, only reason to use, I think, is because of curved roofs like in an Airstream.
  4. Wow, so many wild misconceptions, if you are really interested you can find out what is really true. Not right for every camper, , just like one doctor is not right everyone!
  5. What are you asking for? If you are there with a rally group they usually have many events scheduled. If you are there just for the parade, on your own, did you get your grandstand seats a year ago? There are many events scheduled during that period, check with Tournament of Roses. if you are asking for campgrounds there not any within 20 miles of South Pasadena and they are probably booked solid for the New Year period.
  6. Numerous parks there, go to: Rvparkrevies.com and read about them, many levels, mostly high end. Winter is high season, you may be too late to get prime spots. We made ours in August for Jan!
  7. A possible reason for. Thump thump is one adjacent dual maybe different size. Worn more, a newer replacement tire, make sure the diameters are close to the same size.
  8. If the furnace use of battery power is the main issue, why not use a Big Buddy or a Wave propane heater that does not need any electricity? Also change all high use lights to LED bulbs. Then to re charge the batteries, besides generator, there is solar. All he needs a is panel, say 200 watts about $200, solar charge controller, about $150, and some cables. In good sun that would re charge the 80ah used in about 8 hours. He still has the generator for bad days and additional charging. Use the generator to run any 110 volt appliances. If he wants to use an inverter for110 volt devices then the solar system will probably need to be increased in size.
  9. We take the Hopper out of our house as well as the over the air dongle. we can record sat and over the air programs.
  10. I think that is for current month usage, then start over next month, until you hit 25GB. Yes that is bs, but how much do you use per month? If you don’t stream movies you may use only 5gb per month!
  11. ProFill is easy to install, no appointments needed. Have been using one for at least 10 years in various RV’s with 4 golf carts. no overfill, 5 minutes to fill, no acid on hands, clothes. Can’t think of anything easier. Caps are replaced with fill system caps and manifold.
  12. Some residential refers need pure sign wave inverter, some will run on cheaper modified sign wave inverter. if a small residential like 10.7 cf Whirlpool, it should run on MSW inverter, mine does, and takes about 100 ah for overnight. Your 4 GC batteries will supply that at 50% stare of charge. Now they need to be changed by solar, generator or driving. Assumed no shore power. If you are connected to shore power most of the time, residential is much less expensive way, unless you need major cabinet work. You need to shop for what will fit in your space. For my install I just had to trim off 1/2” on both sides.
  13. If it is hot enough to run the a/c, you are probably in the desert, very few trees there, so may have to run the gen anyway. If you don’t need the a/c, you are probably at a high altitude where it is cooler, and you may be in the shade, so portables are better. All depends!!!
  14. Another way to look at it, one 100 watt panel is not very tempting but 540 watts of panels sitting out there could be very attractive to someone. It’s a $100 bill or $540! Which would you pick up first? may not be attractive but a lot safer on the roof.
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