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  1. I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to install fully automatic / adjustable gas and brake pedals [like those in Camelots] on a Monaco Cayman Diesel Pusher? If that’s not a viable option, are there any kits available to extend the brake and gas pedals [non adjustable]? Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Eddie
  2. Yes, I re-water tested after applying the silicone, and as far as I can determine the leak has been rectified. One thing I know for certain is water no longer migrates down behind lower facia trim. After the next hard rain ☔ I’ll know. Fingers crossed . . . Eddie
  3. Good evening all, Sorry I’ve been away for so long, unfortunately work tends to get in the way of the things I truly enjoy in life. The really good news for me is I discovered the mystery of my bedroom slide water leak. After much research it turned out to be another Monaco factory defect. Simply stated silicone was missing on the lower right hand corner of slide out facia trim piece. All this time I wrongly assumed the factory applied silicone under the trim, as not to mess up the paint job. This was not the case. After applying much water (with slides in) water continued to find its way onto my bedroom carpet. Long story short... water made its way down behind lower right hand corner of slideout facia trim. Then as the volume of water built up behind the trim it traveled on top of angle iron [about 1 1/2” wide], which allowed water to travel over and beyond rubber seals, then dripping [as if it were a waterfall] onto bedroom carpet. {You can see where I’ve applied silicone at bottom slideout trim piece} Pictures attached... Leak problem solved. Now, when I can afford I will replace interior bedroom flooring. Eddie
  4. Thanks everyone for your many contributions. Now I have a better understanding on how slide seals should appear [flipped outward] and how to properly maintain the seals [lubricated] to provide a longer life. I just recently had my seams on the roof resealed, so I'm quite sure nothing is leaking from those [Believe it or not the end cap is sealed, I know the photo appears to indicate the seal to be bad]. As far as under my slide awning, what exactly should I be paying close attention to? Eddie
  5. Good morning all... I've taken several pictures from late yesterday afternoon. I'll post them here. Included photos will show water damage to carpet [and obviously the wooden floor beneath]. I'm truly puzzled as to where the water is entering the inside of my coach... 🤬 Eddie
  6. jleamont, that is a good question. From my memory the seal which wraps around the opening is firmly against the opening on the outside of opening. I will need to drop by my coach, open the slide and I'll take some photos. Eddie
  7. Corkey thanks for your reply... I definitely need a professional to diagnose and ultimately make the proper repair as I am at a loss at the moment. Eddie
  8. I am in need of replacing the rubber seals on the rear bedroom slide out on my 2003 Monaco Cayman. I've noticed it pools water on floor at rear corner of bedroom slide out. For the life of me I cannot detect any water entering the coach while a garden hose is applying significant amounts of water to the slide out. However, after a heavy rain I always notice saturated floor carpeting at read corner of bedroom slide out. With Monaco going bankrupt and purchased by Navistar are there any dealers I can take my Cayman for professional slide out seal replacement. Another thought I had are mobile RV technicians capable of performing such a service? Any advice or suggestions is greatly appreciated. Eddie
  9. I always use my Sams Club, Sams Plus MasterCard for all of my diesel and gasoline purchases. I receive 5% discount on first $6,000 annually, after $6,000 discount is reduced to 1% for remainder of year. The 5% is paid out annually [via mailed check] on your sign up anniversary date.
  10. All this time I thought I had previously uploaded pics of my Engineering Drawings of the custom engine air intake grille. They are probably much too small to see any detail, but here they are nonetheless. Eddie
  11. Hi all, it has taken me the better part of six months to find a reasonably priced CNC machinist to fabricate and weld my custom aluminum engine air intake grille. I was discussing my air intake situation with my auto mechanic, and he mentioned he might know someone who could fabricate and weld the air intake grille. As it happened I had a set of drawing prints in my shoulder bag so I gave those to him. Two days later my mechanic calls with his CNC contact guy which he handed his phone. Long story short, my custom 1/8" thick aluminum air intake grille was CNC fabricated, formed and welded for $650. Sounds like a lot, but considering it was a one off, not so bad in my opinion. I found my CNC contact only 4 weeks ago. Saturday late morning I received the final product. I was more than satisfied, as the quality is superb. The factory installed air intake box water drain hose which was pinched was removed. A new hole drilled up through the floor directly under drain tank fitting. Then, reusing the drain hose, I switched ends of hose, installing the formerly outside bottom up through the newly drilled floor hole, snugly attaching it to air intake box drain fitting. I then used a 1/8" thick 4"x8" aluminum plate with 5/8" diameter hole to allow drain hose to pass through. Applying a liberal amount of silicone sealant before securing with 4 wood screws. I have a few smudges which you can clearly see in the uploaded pics. I will rub those out this coming weekend with a red Brillo pad. I will upload some photos tonight with more to come later in the week. I'm very happy with the overall installation. It is now time to get my Cayman back out on the road again. Eddie
  12. Good evening Manholt, Yes, this plastic Air Intake box is awful. What a mess it has created. Once the stainless steel replacement air intake box and grille is fabricated and installed, I’ll most certainly post updated photos. After that, I’ll begin the drudgery of having to pull ruined carpet and flooring. Not to mention disassembling my entire rear closet with drawers, wardrobe and sliding mirrored doors. I’m not looking forward to this at all, but it must be done. Thanks very much for your encouragement. Eddie
  13. Kaypsmith, The fact that you work with someone you trust, as well as having a familiar understanding of how the various components on a motorhome function, I’m feeling pretty confident your suggestion of using the metalshop close to you just might work out. I’ll PM you later today. As always, thank you kindly... Eddie
  14. Good morning kaypsmith, The brown grille is made of aluminum, and it’s housing receptacle is made of plastic. I’ll need a complete redesign. If you’ll notice the grille itself, does not have much of a slope to allow water run off. Additionally the grille louvres are much too short to do any good keeping water out. I’ve attached a very simplified sketch of something that might work better in preventing water migrating into interior of my bedroom area. So, bottom line is an exact replacement will not resolve my issue. Thanks so much for you input...
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