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  1. jerrycarp

    California Resorts

    The California Chapter has its Octoberfest at the Golden Village every year and also has Chapter rally's there during the year very nice park . Jerry
  2. jerrycarp

    California Wildfires

    www.fire.ca.gov This will give current info. Jerry
  3. jerrycarp

    Onan 6300 LPG generter putting out 154.6V

    No it is not 240v , correct me if I am wrong but your 240v 50a service is split back to 2 120v lines at the Ats to feed service panel. Just like the shore power the gen has two hot legs with common neutral. After checking lugs and because of your request good time to exercise gen with both ac running each leg reads 126v. If op feels they can safely check, it would not hurt to check for balance it is simple and quick Jerry
  4. jerrycarp

    Onan 6300 LPG generter putting out 154.6V

    I just went out and looked at my gen (same as op) this unit has two circuits 30 amps each feeding into the ats feeding each leg of ats. , so I believe you could have loose neutral. While my ats is open I think I will check lugs. Jerry
  5. jerrycarp

    US 93 Missoula, MT to Arco, ID

    I can't help you the drive in because we came into Arco from the south, we stayed in Arco than drove tow to Carters Of Moon park. I am writing let you know of a place you may want to visit while there. It is about 20 miles south of Arco It is the Worlds First Nuclear Power Plant EBR1 it is open for tours. We found it interesting. Jerry
  6. jerrycarp

    RVA jacks

    Northwest RV supply in Oregon carriers parts for Monaco, Beaver and Safari and they do carry a limit supply of RVA parts Jerry
  7. jerrycarp

    Bleeding Hydraulic Brakes

    Try Googling; Hydro-max hydraulic brake booster and master cylinder if this is yours it is a Bendix, but it now Bosch lots of info. Jerry
  8. Its been a while since I took that that route, all of the roads are two lane but should not be a problem. Jerry
  9. I am with Bill US95 to US2 Jerry
  10. I would take 35 to I90. You have left off the final leg to West Yellowstone, one is take US287 at Three Forks ( just north of freeway is Wheat Montana, great sandwiches, Bread and some of the biggest cinnamon rolls ). Go south on US287, I would suggest you stop in Ennis, they have a big rig friendly park there then take a day trip up the hill to Virginia City, cont. on us287 to Quake lake than 191 to West Yellowstone. The other route is I90 to Belgrade then 191 to West Yellowstone Have a good trip Jerry
  11. jerrycarp

    ?8 Point Torx Bits?

    I have to agree with Ross. My utility trailer uses these screws for hinges, skin and trim. All different sizes, I have used #1 #2 and #3 square drives and they work just fine. Jerry
  12. Your Explorer must be a four wheel drive to flat tow. The NTS is a light that completes a circuit, Google "neutral tow kit" for instructions, once installed you will need to have the computer programed, cost me $100.00 @ ford dealer. Jerry
  13. jerrycarp

    Starting Problem

    Check your anti-theft system this can cause same problems, just went through this with my Ford Explorer. Jerry
  14. jerrycarp

    Convert Onan From LPG To Gasoline

    My onan 6300 lp gen uses liquid for gen vapor for all else. I believe 100# and smaller tanks are just vapor? Jerry
  15. jerrycarp

    1993 Safari Kalahari on a Oshkosh Chassis

    Flokens Just replaced my MC on 1999 Harney Coach, that is a Bendix MC common on medium duty trucks and busses. Mill Supply is a good online source. Look for a casting number and or bore size on the mc. I bought mine at CARQUEST also available at Napa and other autopart stores. Your picture seems to show you have a Hydromax Brake booster if you Google Bosch Hydromax you can download a manual with a touble shooting section. (Bosch bought Bendix) Jerry