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  1. Bungee cord might have worked in older vehicles but the steering column in our Eqinox is about 6" x 6" then a 1/2 gap then the steering wheel. Guess where the bungee cord gets caught and stays there until you physically remove the cord. Does not work in these newer vehicles Wheels stay in the wrong position and you buy new tires
  2. John Johnston (FMCA Staff) is working with GM to try and get this wobble problem with 4 cylinder Equinox's resolved. Any owner of a 4 cylinder Equinox needs to write to John Johnston Contact him at jjohnston@fmca.com or (800) 543-3622. and let him know you are experiencing this problem. The more of us that contact him the better. My husband and I also went to Road Master in Vancouver, WA to talk with them, talked to a nice young man that knew of the problem and is in contact with John Johnston about the problem. No fix yet, we were going to get some sort of wiring from the motorhome to our toad to keep the battery alive while we towed like our manual says to do. If we take the fuse 32 out the car wobbles, if we leave fuse 32 in it does not wobble but the battery goes dead. It does not matter whether you turn right or left, we've had it happen either way, frost heaves, uneven roads what ever sets it off, have to stop completely and then go again. Had it happen several times on the same road. Cannot predict when or where. Write John let him know, hopefully someday a fix will occur. Meanwhile we keep the fuse 32 in, carry heavy long jumper cables in and jump the car when we are finished traveling for the day.
  3. Fred and Jill, I’m sorry again to hear that you didn’t get a satisfying answer from GM. As I mentioned previously, GM is saying this is the first they’ve heard of the issue. Last Wednesday, I emailed to GM the concerns of another Equinox owner who also contacted FMCA about the wobble issue. I will continue to do that for any Equinox owners who contact me. (And if you know of anyone else who has this problem, feel free to give them my contact information.) I’ve asked GM to provide me with the specifics of where GM owners can report this problem, so that there’s an ongoing record. I’ve not yet received a reply, so I’m recommending owners contact GM customer service and ask for a case number. In my view, generally speaking, there is strength in numbers, so the more people who report a problem, the less likely that GM will view it as an isolated issue. Best regards, John Johnston Associate Editor, Family Motor Coaching Family Motor Coach Association 8291 Clough Pike Cincinnati, OH 45244 (800) 543-3622 (513) 388-5209 (direct) www.FMCA.com | www.FMCmagazine.com This is a letter we have received from John Johnston. He has been a tremendous help in starting getting a line to GM. More of 4 cylinder Equinox owners that are having this problem need to write to GM, get a customer number, and start complaining. Help will come in numbers. Write to NHTSA and FCA also. Addresses are in the internet. Complaints can be done online, GM needs a letter and go from there. Fred and Jill Wilkins
  4. The bungee cord idea is not a fix to the problem. GM needs to fix the problem. Putting a bungee cord like the proposal sounds very dangerous. The wobble DOES NOT happen when the fuse is left in place, only when taken out or switched off. It is a engineering problem that GM has created and needs to fix. All owners of 4 cylinder Equinox that have this problem need to call, write to GM and start complaining. They claim they have never heard of this problem, which is a lie, several of us have called, gotten customer numbers, gone to dealerships had everything checked out and the mechanics don't even know what a discrete logic ignition switch is. There is a BIG problem with GM.
  5. We have written to FMCA about this in hopes they would help Equinox owners like they did with Jeep and Chrysler and Chrysler responded by paying for a fix because of FMCA, so far no word from FMCA for any help with this problem, I have also written a complaint to NHTSA, FTC and GM. Have heard from GM, they responded that they have NEVER heard of this problem in their 4 cylinder electronic steering vehicles, although they did send us a voucher to go to a GM dealer and do a dioanostic test to see the problem and when we went to the GM dealer he said there was no way they could reproduce the problem with towing with fuse 32 pulled like our manuals say to do. Our tire pressure is correct, our alignment is correct and you never know when the car will violently swing from side to side and shake the 45' 45000 pound motorhome. People behind us are scared, back way off and when we can finally get safely stopped the swinging stops and we can be on our way again. Some day this will kill the people in the motorhome or kill someone behind us. We are surprised our Roadmaster hitch has taken so much pressure from the swaying. Oh well, I feel like no one belives us or cares. But if more people owning Equinox, 4 cylinder vehicles would write to GM, National Highway Traffic Safety Assocaition, Federal Trade Commission and FMCA, someone might listen and help do something.
  6. Well I have written to FTC, NHTSA and GM about the wobble problem we have and others have with their 4 cylinder, electronic steering Equinox. GM got back with us, have never heard about the problem with this, gave us a voucher to go to our nearest GM dealer and have it analized, went to them, they do not know what to do, we told them to call GM and see what GM wants them to do, since the dealer cannot reproduce the problem. Believe me it is NOT a tire pressure problem, NOT an alignment problem, NOT a tow hitch level problem. What the problem is we need anyone that has had this problem to write to GM, NHTSA , FTC and FMCA to get this problem solved. It will eventually kill someone in the coach or someone traveling you. WRITE, WRITE,WRITE. This is a serious problem, the staff at our local GM dealership don't even know what the fuse 32 does, Discrete logical system? Forgot to add also, this could lead to our Roadmaster tow hitch to eventually break because of the wobbling back and forth, they are not made to have all this back and forth motion. Of course it has not happened yet to anyone, but there is a possibility. We did have a Roadmaster fold up on us for another reason, which was our fault, not theirs, so we know it could happen with this wobble.
  7. Thank you for taking out my personal information. Anyway, letter off to Chevrolet Customer Assistance Center and FTC and sending one to FMCA so they can hopefully help 4 cylinder Equinox owners the pull fuse #32, that actually deactivates the electronic steering. FMCA was helpful with Jeep, Chrysler, in getting them to recognize the same problem they had and they provide a flat tow wiring kit, free of charge to all Jeep owners who flat tow and have that problem. http://https:www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwgUAJaeECI this is the link that shows what our Equinox does to our 45' 45,000 pound Monaco when it decides to start it's death wobble. Not fun. Hopefully is other 4 cylinder Equinox owners have this problem they will write in and flood the complaint desk. Thank you for the help
  8. Finally found out the problem, Not our first tow, not tow bar alignment, it's a 4 cylinder electronic steering problem on Equinox as opposed to a 6 cylinder hydraulic steering. Have filed a complaint to NHTSA. Complaint Number: 10925007 Vehicle Identification Number: 2GNFLFEK9E.......... Your Vehicle's Make Model and Model Year: CHEVROLET EQUINOX 2014 Note: Your VIN, make, model, and year are all protected under the Privacy Act. What part of your car was affected? Unknown or Other What happened? We have been having problems as have a few more with our 2014 Chev Equinox LT 4 cylinder motor when we drive on uneven, frost heaves, pot holes roads, any roads. The vehicle when flat towed behind a motorhome will start the "Death Wobble" I violently shakes the motorhome until we come to a complete stop and then we can start out again. It will do this at any speed. We are following the owners manual and proper hitch adjustments, the 4 cylinder Equinox has electronic steering as opposed to the 6 cylinder Equinox, that does not experience this problem, has hydraulic steering. Jeep had the same problem with the Cherokee but the developed a wiring fix that powers the electronic power steering wien under tow, GM has yet to admit to the problem. The video I am sending is of a Jeep Cherokee, but this is exactly what our 4 cylinder 2014 Equinox does, as do many more owners say their 4 cylinder Equinox's does. I had to include a date when this has happened, it has happened many more times than the one I had to put down, this was just the last time it happened. I have tried to send a video, cannot get it done, but if you go to youtube and type in search, death wobble in jeep Cherokee towed behind motorhome and look at 2014 jeep Cherokee shaking violently while being towed you will see what is happening to our 4 cylinder 2014 Chevrolet Equinox. This happens at any speed 10-60mph and it does not make a difference at what mileage it is. We bought the vehicle with 21184 miles on it, it now has 42555 miles on it. When did this happen? 11/04/2016 Was there a Crash? No Was there a Fire? No Was there an injury or fatality? No How fast were you going? (in mph) 55 About how many miles were on your vehicle at the time of the incident? 42555 Personal information deleted: Moderator Hopefully more people will file complaints if they own 4 cyclinder Equinox's and get this going with GM like Jeep Cherokee people did with Chystler.
  9. We flat tow a 2014 Equinox, has a bad wobble problem when behind our 45' motorhome and we go over frost heaves on the road, a bad bridge approach that had a bump or any bad roads that have bumps. It will start wobbling and shake our motorhome violently and will not quit until we come to a complete stop. Then we can take off again until the next problem in the road.
  10. We had dish at home so we went with pay as you go dish in our coach. They lie, lie, lie. First when I called to get connected as we traveled I only got people from a foreign country to answer the phone that only spoke broken English. One time they asked why I moved so much, none of their business but I had to explain we had an RV and we had pay as you go service , well what is a RV, I hold them it was a box with wheels and a motor. My husband and dog left the campgrounds when I had to call Dish and change my location. Usually I was shouting at them by the end of the call and I always had to call back twice to get the connection and they would say, oh we forgot to do it. Bullshit. This went on for two years. We were in Quartsite at the RV rally and Direct was there. We changed our service at home that we had for 15 years and the coach that we had for 2 years and with Direct. No problem. When we are out in the coach I get on my computer and refresh the RV receiver. Amazing, it's done in two seconds. Dish called me after I got rid of them and asked me why, I told them I always got to speak to foreign people in a foreign country and was harassed all the time. They then told me there was a USA phone number to call and get better service. I said why did you not tell me that in the first place and NO I did not want Dish every again. I always get people in the USA to speak with Direct and they are always polite.
  11. A class A Motorhome is not classified as a car or a truck. There are, so far, no laws, that WSP can find pertaining to a Class A Motorhome.
  12. Been trying to find the answer to speed laws in Washington. The speed laws in Oregon, follow truck laws, in California, 3 Axles or anything towing, 55, Washington has no laws for Motorhomes, I have had calls in to WSP and talked to officers and cannot find a law pertaining to motorhomes. Buses (auto stages) trucks, cars, not motorhomes.
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