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  1. Don't know about other roads but the New Jersey Turnpike E-ZPass rates vary by time of day. Rush hour is more expensive. That could be why you're seeing different rates for the same vehicle in the same day.
  2. We like the standard transmission Nissan Cube. Small car that feels roomy inside. I think the latest model you'll find in the US is 2014
  3. We stayed there in May of this year. It was fine. Enjoyed the tour. We have 34' Pace Arrow.
  4. Thanks Brett. Makes perfect sense for the overheating problem. Are you thinking that the jerking is a warped rotor coming in contact with a pad? The jerking really is rythmic and probably corresponds to every 360 degree rotation of the wheel. And it happens whether or not the brakes are applied and whether or not the coach is under power.
  5. I have a 1995 Pace Arrow on a Ford Chassis that's about to turn 100K. When in stop and go traffic with the coach rolling slowly it jerks periodically in sync with the rotation of the wheel. Slow down and the period is drawn out. Speed up and it becomes more rapid. I recently installed a TPMS with temperature reporting. After driving for a couple hours last week I got a high temp alarm (167 degrees) on the front passenger side tire. Do you think the symptoms are related? Ideas about root cause? Thanks in advance!
  6. I've used the Rand McNally/Magellan for abot 4 months and find it servicable. It takes me the way I'd like to go more than 90% of the time but it has lapses. I haven't met one that doesn't. Google, Waze, and Garmin have all led me astray from time to time. I've learned to look at the map and compare it to the GPS route before I leave. Fortunately, my better half is pretty diligent about this. And we travel with paper maps just in case the GPS gets confused.
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