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  1. "Rock-a-by-baby"says it all. Wind kept the RV rockin' all night long. Next day, wind just as bad, but with minimal levelers. MUCH better. RV hardly rocked at all. So I guess the answer is: air suspension off and levelers at the minimum. Thanks everyone.
  2. Thanks for the help. Slides have been in most of today. TV antenna doesn't extend, so no problem. I think we'll sit it out off the air suspension & minimal stabilizers.
  3. Does anyone have an idea on how best to set up your RV when camping in the wind? Specifically, is it better to lower the RV to it's wheels, or leave it on the Stabilizers? I have a 35' class A and am expecting high winds tomorrow. We're talking about 70MPH gusts, steady wind at 40-50. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. If your Fleetwood is anything like mine, you have several feet of area you can't see in front. So stopping between 18" of lines is guess work. I do know that the frontmost point on my Excursion is the windshield wipers. Pretty much straight down from there. However that doesn't help when you can't see the lines. Sit in the driver's chair as normal and have someone slowly walk away from your motorhome while you watch for their feet. When you see their feet, have them stop. Then measure the distance from your motorhome front to their feet. That'll give you an idea of your front blind spot. You might be surprised.
  5. Actually Saturn says not to flat tow the AWD. I tow a 2004 Vue with the V6, but not AWD.
  6. Here's a good one for ya'. Ray Hansen Navy 24 years, 1 month ETCS(SS) E8 Submarine Electronics Technician Several Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarines and shore establishments. Wife: Donna Navy 20 years CWO2 (SC) E1-E7 before picking up Warrant Officer. Supply Corps All over the US and the world. Both very retired and enjoying our Class A motorhoming life.
  7. Ray Hansen, ETCS(SS) very retired USS Hunley AS-31 USS Andrew Jackson SSBN 619 Naval Ordnance Test Unit, Cape Canaveral, Florida USS George Washington SSBN/SSN 598 USS George Washington Carver SSBN 656 and a couple of tours at Trident Training Facility in Bangor, Washington
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