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  1. Oh, forgot to say that we rent around or close to where we stay. Not rental for a whole trip from our origin. So we rent locally where or near where we stay. Sometimes we pick up a car on the way near where we are going to be parked.
  2. We have two MC's as well that we tow in a trailer. Depending on the weather, activities and location, we often just pick up a cheap rental car for part or all of our stay. Provided we are staying two or more nights. It ends up for us to be cheaper than outfitting a flat tow and cheaper than a lift. Look at the cost of these and figure maybe $35 a day for a vehicle rent. Can do a lot of renting and not have the hassle of equipment or rigging.
  3. We are looking to add a small printer to our motorhome -- hubby is still working and often needs access to print information. Does anyone have any suggestions? Not especially looking for a photo printer
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